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Anyone read the latest turd to float up from Wired’s “Danger Room” blog? In it Ackerman complains that the USN is turning their vessels(both comissioned and in service) into “floating Gitmos”. What a horrible turn of events!

Except, hmm, that isn’t how it works. In both the instances mentioned the POIs in question were taken into custody by the USN, and the USN, perhaps expressing a bit of a turf fight, detained the POIs on the ships while they tried to figure out what the hell to do with them. This has gone on for several years. At least since my own 2004-2005 deployment. Gitmo USN vessels ain’t. Indeed, that the Obama Administration feels secure enough to try Warsame in a Federal court stateside(certain individuals have predictably reacted to the news) says a lot about the method of interrogation used. I suspect if the suspect if there is reason to think that Warsame was waterboarded or otherwise mistreated the federal court case would be DOA.

So why am I angry about this blog entry? Well…I don’t think that Ackerman&Axe are that bright. They and other Danger Room bloggers have ridden on Wireds coattails, and are “respected bloggers” insomuch as they snagged other folks who were visiting the site for other reasons. The freelance version of Danger Room, “War is Boring” is just as disappointing. They post interesting news items (and, more importantly, pretty pictures and graphics) and then post whoppers like the story I started out with, or claiming that the aircraft carrier is obsolete(because the Libyan campaign is going so poorly the French and British are reduced to converting gators into ersatz CVLs with attack helicopters), or whining that there wasn’t a LCS on hand to evacuate US citizens from Libya when the State department used a chartered ferry instead…Ryan could name a few others. Now people think the USN is in the bizness of waterboarding people because of them.

Which isn’t to say that other, meatier, blogs don’t produce some real boners. I don’t always agree with Galrahn, but at least there’s a method to his madness. Some of his contributors are real loons, however, and view everything in a “us vs. them” mentality…which means serious maritime security reform is DOA in the public consciousness. Alright. Done ranting.

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