What do we do now with Pakistan?

Written by Ryan Crierie on Monday, May 2, 2011 at 7:15 pm

I always had assumed that Osama Bin Laden was hiding somewhere in the Pakistani FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) right on the border with Afghanistan in a relatively smallish city. He’d be far enough from central authority and with enough allies amongst the tribes in the region to let him avoid authority when needed.

The distance from any governmental power centers would also let him exploit his contacts with various segments of the Pakistani Military/Intelligence apparatus safely — e.g. have the local ISID chief on his payroll for only $30k a year.

But with the news that he was killed in a location only 30 miles NE of Islamabad, and about 800-1000m from the Pakistani version of West Point in a fairly biggish mansion, and had been there for at least a year or more…

…serious questions must be asked about Pakistan’s willingness to be a credible partner in counter-terror efforts.

For one, the Pakistani military would be checking up on anyone who owns land that close to PMA Kakul if nothing else for counter terror efforts to protect the military academy.

Second, being so close to such a center of power for the government means that a fairly broad spectrum of the Pakistani military/intelligence circle would have been there — too many people for him to effectively bribe.

Third, the house was not really covert once you started looking at it. Costing $1m or more; no phone or internet; but with two satellite dishes? A lot of the walls around it were…okay; because rich people can get paranoid. But the 7 foot high privacy wall around the balcony??? Or the fact that they burned their trash instead of placing it on the street like the rest of their neighbors.

All of it just adds up to render Pakistani claims that they did not know he was there totally uncredible.

It’s quite clear that a large part of the Pakistani government has decided where they stand, and it’s with the terrorists. But their words are BACKED UP WITH NUCLEAR WEAPONS (to quote Civilization).

So…what do we do with Pakistan?

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  1. Without the terrorism issue, Pakistan is just not that important to us, not after the Cold War, and neither is Afghanistan. I’d gladly ditch them if it meant a significantly strengthened alliance with India.

    Leave them to the Chinese. We’ll see how long their positive impressions of the Chinese last. The Chinese will no doubt pay for infrastructure improvements . . . constructed almost entirely by Chinese workers from Chinese companies.

  2. First of all, how about we thank them for handing Osama Bin Laden over to us. There isn’t a country in the world where Bin Laden could have hid for long. I’m surprised it took this long to capture him, but then again the military still is capable of doing their job regardless of the Presidential Administration in power.

  3. From what the neighbors say they knew someone dubious lived there, they just thought it was a smuggler or drug lord; due to the amount of corruption in the government they thought that it would be best not to get involved

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