The fine art of soft power.

Written by Bucherm on Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 6:59 pm

Though I’m done with the navy, I was pleased to see that my old ship is on it’s way to Haiti. This puts me in mind of the Asian Tsunami relief and the time we spent off the coast of Sumatra. I expect the BKH will be spending a lot of time helping with air traffic control, plane guard, sea base security, etc. The disaster offers a tiny bit of silver lining: It happened right as the QDR is expected to come out, and all the naval activity going on may make it harder for the government to justify further draw-down of the fleet numbers.

Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh is showing what a good example of a rightwing fool is. Mind you, you can be leftwing and a fool, but Rush is a standard template for the Right. Rush Limbaugh says that the current administration’s response to Haiti is for the scoring of PR points off the poor third worlders. No comparison was given to previous humanitarian efforts by Republicans like Bush(who by the way is unconditionally supporting of the Haitian relief effort) who presumably helped out with natural disasters purely out of the goodness of their heart. But let’s say, for the moment, that both Obama and Bush send American servicemen and money to these disaster-riddled areas solely for political gain…

…so what? Then it becomes a situation where politics work for moral good anyway. Application of soft power is a good way to show off the non-shooty aspects of the US Military, and it marginalizes USA-haters who screech about our nefarious intentions and Marvel team Up with the Jews(tm). It’s also relatively cheap as well, much cheaper than, say, invading a major middle eastern country and staying there for several years. And unlike invading Iraq, you would be hard pressed to find anyone disapproving of humanitarian missions on the world stage.

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