October 25 1957


SUBJECT: SAC Concentration in U.S. and Reaction Time (as of above date)

1. Current Composition of SAC

a. Heavy bombers
        4 wings - fully equipped (45 aircraft each) of B-52 class
        1 wing - in process of equipping (34 aircraft) of B-52 class
        1 wing - converting to B-52 class (Will begin receiving 15 B-52s a month in November.)
        5 wings - (30 aircraft each) of B-36 class
        11 wings
b. Medium bombers
        28 wings (45 aircraft each) of B-47 class
39 wings (1650 aircraft)    TOTAL

2. Current SAC Bases in U.S.

a. Heavy bomber
        11 operational
        16 under construction (funded in FY's 1956-58; scheduled progressively for completion not later than June 30, 1960)
        6 additional desired by AF for optimum
b. Medium bomber
18 operational
29 bases operational        TOTAL

3. Current Basing of SAC in U.S. (as of October 22)

a. At 5 SAC bases there are 214 of the B-52 class, located in varying numbers (not over 45 aircraft at one base). Of these 214, 119 (assigned in current war plan) are located at these 4 SAC bases:
        Castle (California)
        Westover (Massachusetts)
        Loring (Maine)
        Fairchild (Washington)
As additional B-52s are received and crews attain combat readiness, they will be entered in the war plan.
b. The B-36 wings are principally located at 7 SAC bases, other than the 4 mentioned above.
c. The 28 wings (1260 aircraft) of the B-47 class are located (except for aircraft engaged in overseas maneuvers) at 18 SAC bases, other than the 11 mentioned above.

4. Current SAC Reaction Time on a Surprise Basis.

Within 30 minutes (overseas) to two hours (in the U.S.A.), the following aircraft could be got in the air, loaded with their weapons:

8            B-52 class - Heavy Bomber
9            B-36 class - Heavy Bother
117        B-47 class - Medium Bomber
134        TOTAL

The number which can be got in the air under surprise conditions — within the times specified — is limited by (a) trained personnel for constant alert and (b) base facilities.

5. Turnover of Trained Enlisted AF Personnel.

During the period January - August, 1957, the re-enlistment rate in SAC for first-termers was:

Radio and communications         25.2%
Armaments and electronics         34.5%
Aircraft maintenance                   22.1%

During the same period, the re-enlistment rate for jet-engine mechanics (all-termers combined) was 24.7%

Robert Cutler
Special Assistant
to the President