Guide to Air Force
Historical Literature

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Guide to USAF Historical
Literature, 29 August 1983,
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Guide to Air Force
Historical Literature

Jacob Neufeld
Kenneth Schaffel
Anne E. Shermer


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Certain sections of this guide contain titles which, when taken together, reveal classified information, although individual titles are unclassified. Each section containing classified information is marked appropriately. Sections which are wholly unclassified are unmarked.

This page is unclassified.

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The Guide to Air Force Historical Literature, 1943-1983, is a comprehensive listing of histories, monographs, chronologies, and special studies issued by the Office of Air Force History and historical offices throughout the Air Force. It excludes the periodic (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual) command and unit histories. The primary purpose of the Guide is to bring together all of the writings of the Air Force History Program in one convenient bibliography.

We believe this is a valuable resource for commanders and staffs, for it includes a wide variety of studies on how the Air Force carried out planning, operations, research, logistical activities and a host of other important operational and support functions in the past. These studies address a wide variety of issues and problems. They can provide insight into "why things are the way they are," as well as what worked and what did not, and the reasons why. Such information is invaluable to those responsible for today's plans and operations. At the very least, used wisely, the historical information in these studies will help Air Force people make informed decisions and avoid repeating past mistakes.

While it aids planners and operators, the Guide will also be of great value to Air Force historians by informing them of their colleagues' work and providing a listing of classified and unclassified histories for official research. The Guide will help the historian in his or her efforts to assist the commander and his staff.

The entries have been supplied by the command historians, arranged in the Guide under the name of the producing organization, and listed chronologically by year of issue. To assist in finding an item, a brief lineage of the commands and their organizations precedes the entries. Each separate command is identified by a letter of the alphabet, and each entry includes the title, security classification, author, date of issue, and number of pages. Under Section B, we have added the Contemporary Historical Examination of Current Operations (CHECO) series produced between 1964 and 1979, some 1,870 studies which detail air operations in Southeast Asia. Also contained in the Guide are separate author, title, and subject indexes.

Access to the studies listed in this Guide can be obtained by contacting the appropriate historical office directly. (See USAF Historical Program Personnel Directory.) The USAF Historical Research Center at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, may also have copies on microfilm. Researchers are advised that classified information can only be released to those who possess the requisite security clearances and demonstrate a "need to know."

Some histories may have been omitted inadvertently. We encourage command historians to bring any omissions to the attention of the Office of Air Force History. It is also important that any change in classification be communicated to the Office as soon as possible. An addendum to the Guide will be issued annually.

Chief, Office of Air Force History


This publication is based on the Guide to Monographic Literature, 1943-1974, prepared by Jacob Neufeld, who suggested expanding the edition to include all USAF historical literature. Lt. Kenneth Schaffel collected lists of new material from the major USAF organizations, and Anne E. Shermer developed the format of the publication. The security classification was accomplished with the support of Maj. John Kreis and Grant Hales. Ann Caudle gave the manuscript a thorough copy editing, carefully correcting the inconsistencies. The editors owe the greatest debt to the many individuals in the history offices throughout the USAF who diligently submitted new entries and then patiently checked and rechecked their listings. Without this support from field historians, the Office of Air Force History could not have compiled this important historical research tool.



Monographs and Studies

A. Office of Air Force History (AFCHO) and USAF Historical Research Center (USAFHRC)
B. CHECO Reports
C. Aerospace Defense Command (ADCOM)
        North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) / Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD)
D. Air Force Communications Command (AFCC)
        Pacific Communications Division
E. Air Force Logistics Command (AFLC)
        Aerospace Guidance and Metrology Center
        Air Logistics Centers and Materiel Areas:
                Ogden Air Logistics Center
                Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center
                Sacramento Air Logistics Center
                San Antonio Air Logistics Center
                Warner Robins Air Logistics Center
                Middletown Air Materiel Area
                Mobile Air Materiel Area
                Rome Air Materiel Area
                San Bernardino Air Materiel Area
        Air Materiel Force European Area
        Ground Electronics Engineering Installation Agency
        Military Aircraft Storage and Disposition Center
        2709th Air Force Vehicle Control Group
        2750th Air Base Wing
F. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI)
G. Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center
H. Air Force Reserve (AFRES)
I. Air Force Systems Command (AFSC)
        Aeronautical Systems Division
        Aerospace Medical Division
        Air Force Flight Test Center
        Air Force Geophysics Laboratory
        Air Force Missile Development Center
        Air Force Rocket Propulsion Laboratory
        Air Force Special Weapons Center-Air Force Weapons Laboratory
        Armament Division
        Arnold Engineering Development Center
        Contract Management Division
        Eastern Space and Missile Center
        Electronic Systems Division
        Foreign Technology Division
        Rome Air Development Center
        Space Division
        Office of Aerospace Research
J. Air Training Command (ATC)
K. Air University (AU)
L. Alaskan Air Command (AAC)
M. Electronic Security Command (ESC)
N. Headquarters Command (HQC)
O. Military Airlift Command (MAC)
        Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service
        Air Weather Service
        Twenty-first Air Force
P. Pacific Air Forces (PACAF)
        Fifth Air Force
Thirteenth Air Force
Q. Strategic Air Command (SAC)
        Fifteenth Air Force
        1st Combat Evaluation Group
        1st Strategic Aerospace Division
        Second Air Force
        Seventh Air Division
        706th Strategic Missile Wing
        Third Air Division
R. Tactical Air Command (TAC)
S. United States Air Force Academy (USAFA)
T. United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE)
        Seventeenth Air Force
        Sixteenth Air Force
        Third Air Force
The United States Logistics Group (TUSLOG)


The following section contains no classified information.

The AAF Historical Division was established in 1942 in Washington, D.C. It was redesignated Air Historical Group in J 948, renamed the USAF Historical Division, and relocated to Air University, Maxwell AFB in 1949. The USAF Historical Division Liaison Office remained in Washington, D.C. Redesignated the Historical Research Division in 1969, it became a named activity and was designated the Albert F. Simpson Historical Research Center in 1972. The Center then became a Direct Reporting Unit (DRU) on 1 July 1979 and was redesignated the USAF Historical Research Center on 1 December 1983.

In January 1969 the Liaison Office was absorbed by the newly established Office of Air Force History, which eventually provided technical and policy guidance for the Center in Alabama.

Because the research efforts of the two organizational units have been intertwined, and because the two pride themselves in a common lineage, the publications and monographs are listed under a single heading.

A1.1 The Glider Pilot Training Program, 1941-1943. Betty Jo NcNarney. 1943. 99 pp.

A1.2 Initial Selection of Candidates for Pilot, Bombardier, and Navigator Training. Robert L. Thompson. 1943. 66 pp.

A1.3 Barrage Balloon Development in the United States Army Air Corps, 1923-1942. Robert L. Thompson. 1943. 160 pp.

A1.4 Alaskan Air Defense and the Japanese Invasion of the Aleutians. Arthur B. Ferguson. 1944. 115 pp.

A1.5 Individual Training of Bombardiers. Ben R. Baldwin. 1944. 186 pp.

A1.6 Bombsight Maintenance Training in the AAF. Raymond Walters. 1944. 117 pp.

A1.7 The AAF in Australia to the Summer of 1942. E. Kathleen Williams. 1944. 215 pp.

A1.8 The Tenth Air Force, 1942. Herbert Weaver and Marvin A. Rapp. 1944. 117 pp.

A1.9 The Development of Tactical Doctrines at AAFSAT and AAFTAC. Joseph R. Reither. 1944. 107 pp.

A1.10 Procurement of Aircrew Training. Natalie Grow. 1944. 151 pp.

A1.11 Air Action in the Papuan Campaign, 21 Jul 1942-25 Jan 1943. Richard L. Watson. 1944. 185 pp.

A1.12 Pilot Transition to Combat Aircraft. Betty Jo McNarney. 1944. 260 pp.

A1.13 Civilian Volunteer Activities in the AAF. Mac M. Link. 1944. 133 pp.

A1.14 Aviation Cadet Ground Duty Program: Policy, Procurement, and Assignment. Merrill Jensen. 1944. 100 pp.

A1.15 Organization of Military Aeronautics, 1907-1935 (Congressional and War Department Action). Chase L. Mooney and Martha E. Layman. 1944. 131 pp.

A1.16 Individual Training in Aircraft Maintenance in the AAF. Raymond Walters. 1944. 180 pp.

A1.17 The AAF in the South Pacific to Oct 1942. Kramer J. Rohfleisch. 1944. 235 pp.

A1.18 Origins of the Eighth Air Force: Plans, Organization, and Doctrine. James L. Cate. 1944. 143 pp.

A1.19 The Ploesti Mission of 1 Aug 1943. Earl Cruickshank. 1944. 191 pp.

A1.20 The Tenth Air Force, 1 Jan-10 Mar 1943. Herbert Weaver and Marvin A. Rapp. 1944. 137 pp.

A1.21 Air Phase of the North African Invasion, Nov 1942. Thomas J. Mayock. 1944. 111 pp.

A1.22 Distribution of Air Materiel to the Allies, 1939-1944: Controls, Procedures, and Policies. Martin P. Claussen. 1944. 94 pp.

A1.23 Comparative History of Research and Development Policies Affecting Air Materiel, 1915-1944. Martin P. Claussen. 1945. 189 pp.

A1.24 Individual Training of Navigators in the AAF. Ben R. Baldwin. 1945. 264 pp.

A1.25 Summary of Air Action in the Philippines and Netherlands East Indies, 7 Dec 1941-26 Mar 1942 (Statistical only). Juliette Abington. c. 1945. 266 pp.

A1.26 Ninth Air Force in the Western Desert Campaign to 23 Jan 1943. Harry L. Coles. 1945. 134 pp.

A1.27 Flexible Gunnery Training in the AAF. Henry H. Simms. 1945. 113 pp.

A1.28 Ninth Air Force in the ETO, 16 Oct 1943-16 Apr 1944. John F. Ramsey. 1945. 229 pp.

A1.29 Administrative History of the Ferrying Command, 29 May 1941-30 Jun 1942. Staff (ATC). 1945. 170 pp.

A1.30 Army Air Forces in the War Against Japan, 1941-1942. E. Kathleen Williams. 1945. 185 pp.

A1.31 Guadalcanal and the Origin of the Thirteenth Air Force. Kramer J. Rohfleisch. J 945. 282 pp.

A1.32 Ninth Air Force, Apr Nov 1944. Robert H. George. 1945. 375 pp.

A1.33 Participation of the Ninth and Twelfth Air Forces in the Sicilian Campaign. Harry L. Coles. 1945. 246 pp.

A1.34 Operational History of the Seventh Air Force, 6 Nov 1943-31 July 1944. James C. Olson. 1945. 248 pp.

A1.35 Legislation Relating to the Air Corps Personnel and Training Programs, 1907-1939. Martha E. Layman. 1945. 154 pp.

A1.36 Operational History of the Seventh Air Force. 7 Dec 1941-6 Nov 1943. James C. Olson. 1945. 310 pp.

A1.37 The Antisubmarine Command, Arthur B. Ferguson. 1945. 315 pp.

A1.38 The AAF in the Middle East: A Study of the Origins of the Ninth Air Force. Edith C. Rodgers. 1945. 190 pp.

A1.39 The Fourteenth Air Force to 1 Oct 1943. Herbert Weaver and Marvin A. Rapp. 1945. 169 pp.

A1.40 The War Against the Luftwaffe: AAF Counter-Air Operations, Apr 1943-Jun 1944. John F. Ramsey. 1945. 257 pp.

A1.41 Army Air Action in the Philippines and Netherlands East Indies, I94I-I942. Richard L. Watson. 1945. 300 pp.

A1.42 History of the Twentieth Air Force: Genesis. James L. Cate. 1945. 298 pp.

A1.43 USAF Wings at War Series. 6 vols. Staff. 1945.

No. 1, The AAF in the Invasion of Southern France. 60 pp.
No. 2, Sunday Punch in Normandy. 32 pp.
No. 3. Pacific Counterblow. 56 pp.
No. 4. Airborne Assault on Holland. 57 pp.
No. 5. Air Ground Teamwork on the Western Front. 50 pp.
No. 6, The AAF in Northwest Africa. 67 pp.

A1.44 Legislation Relating to the Army Air Forces Training Program, 1939-1945. (Revised). J. Merton England and Chauncey E. Sanders. 1946. 156 pp.

A1.45 Inspection Control in the AAF, 1939-1945 (Revised). John W. Long, Chase C. Mooney, and Chauncey E. Sanders. 1946. 100 pp.

A1.46 Legislation Relating to the AAF Personnel Program, 1939-1945. (Revised). Martha E. Layman and Chauncey E. Sanders. 1946. 135 pp.

A1.47 Development of Administrative Planning and Control in the AAF. (Revised). L. Vaughan Howard and Chase C. Mooney. 1946. 116 pp.

A1.48 Expansion of Industrial Facilities under Army Air Forces Auspices, 1940- 1945. Robert R. Russel and Martin P. Claussen. 1946. 275 pp.

A1.49 Air Defense of the Panama Canal, 1 Jan 1939-7 Dec 1941. E. Kathleen Williams. 1946. 234 pp.

A1.50 The Fifth Air Force in the Conquest of the Bismarck Archipelago, Nov 1943-Mar 1944. Harris G. Warren. 1946. 214 pp.

A1.51 Evolution of the Liaison Type Airplane, 1917-1944. Irving B. Holley, Jr. 1946. 131 pp.

A1.52 Development of the South Pacific Air Route. E. Kathleen Williams. 1946. 95 pp.

A1.53 Organization of Military Aeronautics, 1935-1945: Executive, Congressional, and War Department Action. Chase C. Mooney. 1946. 82 pp.

A1.54 Development and Procurement of Gliders in the Army Air Forces, 1941- 1944. Paul M. Davis and Amy C. Fenwick. 1946. 208 pp.

A1.55 Preflight Training in the AAF, 1939-1944. Thomas H. Greer. 1946. 276 pp.

A1.56 Basic Military Training in the AAF, 1939-1944. Howard D. Williams. 1946. 205 pp.

A1.57 Materiel Research and Development in the Army Air Arm, 1914-1945. Martin P. Claussen. 1946. 222 pp.

A1.58 The Maintenance of Army Aircraft in the United States, 1939-1945: General Development and Policies. Robert W. Ackerman. 1946. 152

A1.59 Organization of AAF Training Activities, 1939-1945. Martha E. Layman. 1946. 67 pp.

A1.60 Women Pilots with the AAF, 1941-1944. J. Merton England and Joseph R. Reither. 1946. 122 pp.

A1.61 The Fifth Air Force in the Huon Peninsula Campaign, Jan-Oct 1943. Richard L. Watson. 1946. 324 pp.

A1.62 The Twelfth Air Force in the North African Winter Campaign, 11 Nov 1942 to the Reorganization of 10 Feb 1943. Thomas J. Mayock. 1946. 219 pp.

A1.63 Air Phase of the Italian Campaign to 1 Jan 1944. Albert F. Simpson. 1946. 405 pp.

A1.64 The Tenth Air Force, 1943. Herbert Weaver and Marvin A. Rapp. 1946. 137 pp.

A1.65 The Early Operations of the Eighth Air Force and the Origins of the Combined Bomber Offensive, 17 Aug 1942-10 Jun 1943. Arthur B. Ferguson. 1946. 356 pp.

A1.66 The Combined Bomber Offensive, Apr-Dec 1943. John W. Stormont. 1946. 219 pp.

A1.67 The Thirteenth Air Force, Mar-Oct 1943. Kramer J. Rohfleisch. 1946. 331 pp.

A1.68 The Reduction of Pantelleria and Adjacent Islands, 8 May-4 Jun 1943. Edith C. Rodgers. 1947. 115 pp.

A1.69 Development of Aircraft Gun Turrets in the AAF, 1917-1944. Irving B. Holley, Jr. 1947. 279 pp.

A1.70 The Modification of Army Aircraft in the United States, 1939-1945. Virginia G. Toole and Robert W. Ackerman. 1947. 123 pp.

A1.71 Training of Foreign Nationals by the AAF, 1939-1945. Gerald T. White. 1947. 202 pp.

A1.72 Aviation Gasoline Production and Control. Charles G. Forbes. 1947. 95 pp.

A1.73 The Fifth Air Force in the Huon Peninsula Campaign, Oct 1943-Feb 1944. Richard L. Watson. 1947. 280 pp.

A1.74 Special Operations: AAF Aid to European Resistance Movements, 1943-1945. Harris G. Warren. 1947. 259 pp.

A1.75 The Combined Bomber Offensive, 1 Jan-6 Jun 1944. Joe L. Norris. 1947. 316 pp.

A1.76 The Official Pictorial History of the AAF. Staff. 1947 213 pp.

A1.77 The Army Air Forces in World War II. Wesley F. Craven and James L. Cate, eds. 1948-1958.

Vol I: Plans and Early Operations, Jan 1939-Aug 1943; 788 pp
Vol II: Europe—TORCH to POINT-BLANK, Aug 1942-Dec 1943; 897 pp
Vol III: Europe-ARGUMENT to V-E Day, Jan 1944- May 1945; 948 pp
Vol IV: The Pacific—Guadalcanal to Saipan, Aug 1942-July 1944; 825 pp
Vol V: The Pacific—Materhorn to Nagasaki, Jun 1944-Aug 1945; 878 pp
Vol VI: Men and Planes; 808 pp
Vol VII: Services Around the World. 667 pp

A1.78 Legislation Relating to the AAF Materiel Program, 1939-1945 (Revised). Chase C. Mooney and Chauncey E. Sanders. 1949. 179 pp.

A1.79 Combat Crew and Unit Training in the AAF, 1939-1945. Gerald T. White. 1949. 147 pp.

A1.80 The Development of the Heavy Bomber, J918-1944, (Revised). Jean H. DuBuquc and Robert F. Gleckner. 1951. 180 pp.

A1.81 Personnel Problems Relating to AAF Commissioned Officers, 1939-1945. Robert L. Jones and Chauncey E. Sanders. 1951. 214 pp.

A1.82 Weather Training in the AAF. Raymond Wallers. 1951. 234 pp.

A1.83 Standardization of Air Materiel I939--1944: Controls, Policies, Procedures. Martin P. Claussen. 1951. 81 pp.

A1.84 Development of AAF Base Facilities in the United States, 1939-1945. Robert F. Futrell. 1951. 263 pp.

A1.85 U.S. Air Force Operations in the Korean Conflict, 25 Jun-1 Nov 1950. Robert F. Futrell. 1951. 139 pp.

A1.86 Command of Observation Aviation: A Study in Control of Tactical Air Power. Robert F. Futrell. 1952. 44 pp.

A1.87 Statistical Control in the Army Air Forces. Frances Acomb. 1952. 134 pp.

A1.88 Civilian Personnel Administration in the AAF. 1939-1945. C. E. Schultz and Jean E. Clifford. 1952. 93 pp.

A1.89 Purchasing Policies.. Controls and Procedures for AAF Materiel. Frank C. Bourne. 1952. 139 pp.

A1.90 Tactical Operations of the Eighth Air Force, 6 Jun 1944-8 May 1945. Juliette A. Hennessy. 1952. 285 pp.

A1.91 Redeployment and Demobilization. Chauncey E. Sanders. 1952. 48 pp.

A1.92 Policies and Procedures Governing Elimination from AAF Schools, 1939 -1945. Clement L. Grant. 1952. 96 pp.

A1.93 Air Force Participation in Joint Army-Air Force Training Exercises, 1947-1950. Ralph D. Bald. 1952. 98 pp.

A1.94 Airborne Missions in the Mediterranean. 1942-1945. John C. Warren. 1953. 137 pp.

A1.95 Classification and Assignment of Enlisted Men in the Army Air Arm, 1917-1945. Victor H. Cohen. 1953. 247 pp.

A1.96 Morale in the AAF in World War II. Martin R. R. Goldman. 1953. 96 pp.

A1.97 Legislative History of the AAF and USAF. 1941-1951. Edwin L. Williams. 1953. 131 pp.

A1.98 Employment of Strategic Bombers in a Tactical Role, 1941-1951. Robert W. Ackerman. 1953. 183 pp.

A1.99 Development of Air Doctrine in the Army Air Ann, 1917-1941. Thomas H. Greer. 1953. 154 pp.

A1.100 The Preflight Schools in World War II. W. Eugene Hollon. 1953. 229 pp.

A1.101 Biographical Data on Air Force General Officers, 1918-1952. 2 vols. Robert P. Fogerty. 1953. Vol I — 519 pp. Vol II — 584 pp.

A1. 102 Development of Night Air Operations, 1941-1952. Joe G. Taylor. 1953. 312 pp.

A1.103 Development of AAF and USAF Training Concepts and Programs, 1941-1952. Leslie F. Smith. 1953. 465 pp.

A1.104 Air Force Participation in Joint Amphibious Training Exercises, 1946-1950. Ralph D. Bald, Jr. 1953. 195 pp.

A1.105 Air-Sea Rescue, 1941-1952. Frank E. Ransom. 1953. 215 pp.

A1.106 AAF in Amphibious Landings in World War II. Harry L. Coles. 1953. 254 pp.

A1.107 The Development and Functions of AAF OCS and OTS. Clement L. Grant. 1953. 184 pp.

A1.108 AAF Air Defense Activities in the Mediterranean, 1942-20 Sep 1944. Clement L. Grant. 1954. 172 pp.

A1.109 Teaching of Military History in Colleges and Universities. Richard C. Brown. 1954. 61 pp.

A1.110 History of Headquarters USAF, 1 July 1949-30 Jun 1950. Alfred Goldberg and Robert D. Little. 1954. 117 pp.

A1.111 Demobilization Planning for the USAF. Chauncey E. Sanders. 1955. 121 pp.

A1.112 Individual Training in Aircraft Armament by the AAF. 1939-1945. Raymond Walters. 1955. 129 pp.

A1.113 U.S. Air Force Operations in the Korean Conflict, 1 Nov 1950-30 June 1952. Robert F. Futrell. 1955. 296 pp.

A1.114 Close Air Support Operations in the War Against Japan. Joe G. Taylor. 1955. 389 pp.

A1.115 History of the Air Corps Tactical School. Robert T. Finney. 1955. 90 pp.

A1.116 Analysis of Pre-Invasion Air Operations, Pacific Area, Nov-Dec 1943. Joe G. Taylor. 1955. 60 pp.

A1.117 Development of the Long-Range Escort Fighter. Bernard L. Boylan. 1955. 321 pp.

A1.118 History of Headquarters USAF. 1 July 1950-30 June 1951. (S) Arthur Goldberg, ed. 1955. 190 pp.

A1.119 Organization of the Army Air Arm, 1935-1945. Chase C. Mooney and Edward C. Williamson. 1956. 90 pp.

A1.120 Airborne Operations in World War II, European Theater. John C. Warren. 1956. 239 pp.

A1.121 USAF Operations in the Korean Conflict, I July 1952- 27 July 1953. Robert F. Futrell. 1956. 352 pp.

A1.122 Air Supply in the Burma Campaigns. Joe G. Taylor. 1957. 163 pp.

A1.123 History of the Air Force Civilian Training Program, 1941-1951. Edwin L. Williams. 1957. 377 pp.

A1.124 Development of Continental Air Defense to 1 Sep 1954. Clement L. Grant. 1957. 116 pp.

A1.125 Air Force Participation in Joint Army-Air Force Training Exercises, 1951-1954. Ralph D. Bald, Jr. 1957. 164 pp.

A1.126 Air Interdiction in China in World War II. Joe G. Taylor. 1957. 116 pp.

A1.127 A History of the United Stales Air Force, 1907-1957. Alfred Goldberg, ed. 1957. 277 pp.

A1.128 The United States Army Air Arm, Apr 1861-Apr 1917. Juliette A. Hennessy. 1958. 260 pp.

A1.129 A History of the Air Force Atomic Energy Program, 1943-1953. 5 vols, 9 parts. 1959.

Vol I: Project SILVER PLATE, 1943-1946. (TS) Lee Bowen. 378 pp.
Vol II: Foundations for an Atomic Air Force, 1946-1948. (TS) Robert D. Little.
Part 1: pp 1-390.
Part 2: pp 391-698.
Vol III: Building an Atomic Air Force, 1949-1953. (TS) Robert D. Little.
Part 1: pp 1-252.
Part 2: pp 253-506.
Vol IV: Development of Weapons, 1946-1953. (TS) Lee Bowen.
Part 1: pp 1-340.
Part 2: pp 341-587.
Vol V: Atomic Weapon Delivery Systems, 1948-1955. (S) Robert L. Perry, ed.
Part 1: 571 pp.
Part 2: 241 pp.

A1.130 The German Air Force General Staff. Andreas Nielson. 1959. 265 pp.

A1.131 Historical Turning Points in the German Air Force War Effort. Richard Suchenwirth. 1959. 143 pp.

A1.132 Air Operations in the Suez Incident, 1956. Arthur K. Marmor. 1959. 61 pp.

A1.133 Air Operations in the Sinai Campaign, 1956. Alfred Goldberg. 1959. 47 pp.

A1.134 The Russian Air Force in the Eyes of German Commanders. Walter Schwabedissen. I960. 434 pp.

A1.135 Acquisition of AAF Bases in Latin America, June 1939- June 1943. Bynum E. Weathers. 1960. 395 pp.

A1.136 Plans and Policies for the Ballistic Missile Initial Operational Capability Program. (S) Max Rosenberg. 1960. 124 pp.

A1.137 USAF Ballistic Missiles, 1958-1959. (S) Max Rosenberg. 1960. 57 pp.

A1.138 The Threshold of Space, 1945-1959. Lee Bowen. 1960. 61 pp.

A1.139 Development of Aeromedical Evacuation in the USAF, 1909-1960. Robert F. Futrell. 1961. 44 pp.

A1.140 Air Force Combat Units of World War II. Maurer Maurer, ed. 1961. 506 pp.

A1.141 The United States Air Force in Korea, 1950-1953. Robert F. Futrell. 1961 (reprinted 1983). 774 pp.

A1.142 German Air Force Airlift Operations. Fritz Morzik. 1961. 417 pp.

A1.143 Air Operations in the Korean War, 1950-1953. Robert F. Futrell. 1961. 56 pp.

A1.144 The Changing Character of Air Force Manpower. 1958-1959. George F. Lemmer. 1961. 62 pp.

A1.145 The Search for New USAF Weapons, 1958-1959. (S) Arthur K. Manner. 1961. 66 pp.

A1.146 The Laos Crisis of 1959. George F. Lemmer. 1961. 68 pp.

A1.147 USAF Logistics, 1958-1959. Charles H. Hildreth. 1961. 59 pp.

A1.148 Air Force Operational Problems, 1958-1959. (S) Robert D. Little. 1961. 54 pp.

AI.149 A Preliminary List of U.S. Air Force Aces. 1917 1953. Maurer Maurer. 1962. 39 pp.

A1.150 German Air Force Operations in Support of the Army. Paul Deich-mann. 1962. 210 pp.

A1.151 Air Power and Russian Partisan Warfare. Karl Drum. 1962. 63 pp.

A1.152 USAF Airborne Operations, World War II and the Korean War. Staff. 1962. 119 pp.

A1.153 USAF Tactical Operations. World War II and the Korean War. Staff. 1962. 178 pp.

A1.154 The Air Force in Space, 1959-1960. Max Rosenberg. 1962. 64 pp.

A1.155 Air Operations in the Lebanon Crisis of 1958. Robert D. Little and Wilhelmine Burch. 1962. 94 pp.

A1.156 USAF Logistic Preparations for Limited War, 1958-1961. Charles H. Hildreth. 1962. 65 pp.

A1.157 Air Operations in the Taiwan Crisis of 1958. Jacob Van Staaveren. 1962. 73 pp.

A1.158 The Strengthening of Air Force In-House Laboratories. Carl Berger. 1962. 80 pp.

A1.159 USAF Credits for the Destruction of Enemy Aircraft, Korean War. Maurer Maurer. 1963. 52 pp.

A1.160 USAF Command and Control Problems, 1958-1961. (S) Arthur K. Marmor. 1963. 79 pp.

A1.161 The Air Force Response to the Cuban Crisis. (TS) Staff. 1963. 56 pp.

A1.162 Nuclear Propulsion for Manned Aircraft The End of the Program. 1959 1961. Robert D. Little. 1963. 82 pp.

A1.163 USAF Oversea Bases, 1957-1961. (S) George F. Lemmer. 1963. 84 pp.

A1.164 Chronology of Air Force Actions During the Cuban Crisis, 14 Oct 30 Nov 1962. (TS) Staff. 1963. 202 pp.

A1. 165 The Air Force and the Concept of Deterrence, 1945 -1950. (S) George F. Lemmer. 1963. 67 pp.

A1.166 Strategy and Money: The Defense Budget for Fiscal Year 1961. Alfred Goldberg. 1963. 52 pp.

A1.167 Russian Reactions to German Air Power in World War II. Laus Uebe. 1964. 146 pp.

A1.168 USAF Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, Fiscal Years 1960-1961. (S) Jacob Van Staaveren. 1964. 97 pp.

A1.169 USAF Counterinsurgency Doctrines and Capabilities, 1961-1962. Charles H. Hildreth. 1964. 55 pp.

A1.170 Organizing for Strategic Planning, 1945-1950, The National System and The Air Force. (S) Robert D. Little. 1964. 91 pp.

A1.171 The Air Force and the National Guided Missile Program, 1944-1950. Max Rosenberg. 1964. 200 pp.

A1. 172 An Air Force History of Space Activities, 1945-1959. Lee Bowen. 1964. 227 pp.

A1.173 USAF Special Air Warfare Doctrines and Capabilities, 1963. Charles H. Hildreth. 1964. 64 pp.

A1.174 USAF Strategic Command and Control Systems, 1958-1963. (S) Carl Berger. 1964. 61 pp.

A1.175 The German Air Force Versus Russia, 1941. Hermann Plocher. 1965. 335 pp.

A1.176 Command and Control for North American Air Defense, 1959-1963. Thomas A. Sturm. 1965. 62 pp,

A1.177 USAF Manpower Trends, 1960-1963. George F. Lemmer. 1965. 75 pp.

A1.178 USAF Plans and Policies in South Vietnam, 1961-1963. Jacob Van Staavercn. 1965. 106 pp.

A1.179 The Air Force and Nuclear Testing, 1958-1964. (TS) Bernard C. Nalty. 1965. 55 pp.

A1.180 USAF Plans and Policies in South Vietnam and Laos, 1964. Jacob Van Staaveren. 1965. 104 pp.

A1.181 The German Air Force Versus Russia, 1942. Hermann Plocher. 1966. 470 pp.

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The following section contains no classified information.

Project CHECO was an Air Force effort to document aerial operations in Southeast Asia, with emphasis on new forces, tactics and techniques, materials, and methods. The project was established by the Air Force Chief of Staff in June 1962, under the command of Headquarters Pacific Forces and the 2nd Air Division; redesignated 7th Air Force in 1966. In all, 223 reports were generated.

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The following section contains no classified information.

Aerospace Defense Command. Air Defense Command established 21 March 1946; activated as a major command 27 March 1946; became an operational command of Continental Air Command I December 1948; discontinued 1 July 1950; reestablished as major command, I January 1951; redesignated Aerospace Defense Command, 15 January 1968; became specified command, I July 1975: inactivated as major USAF command, 31 March 1980 (specified command remained).

Continental Air Defense Command. Established as joint JCS command, 1 September 1954; inactivated 30 June 1975.

North American Aerospace Defense Command. Established as North American Air Defense Command, a binational (U.S. and Canada) command 12 September 1957; redesignated North American Aerospace Defense Command, 23 March 1981.

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The following section contains no classified information.

Constituted as Army Airways Communications System Wing, 13 April 1943; activated as part of Flight Control Command, 26 April 1943; reassigned directly to Army Air Forces, 14 July 1943; redesignated Army Airways Communications System, 16 April 1944; redesignated Air Communications Service and reassigned to Air Transport Command, 13 March 1946; redesignated Airways and Air Communications Service, 11 September 1946; reassigned to Military Air Transport Service, 1 June 1948; relieved from assignment to Military Air Transport Service, elevated to a major command, and redesignated Air Force Communications Service, I July 1961; redesignated Air Force Communications Command, 15 November 1979,

Subordinate Units:

Pacific Communications Division. Originated as an "Airways Radio Net," an organization of no definite form, established in 1938 as part of the 19th Composite Wing; Air Corps Detachment, Communications, activated I January 1941 absorbed the radio net; assigned to the Army Airways Communications System, June 1941; redesignated 7th Air Corps Squadron, Communications, 5 December 1941; became part of the 7th Army Airways Communications Region, activated 19 February 1942; Region became part of Pacific Airways Communications Area, activated 15 March 1943; Area disbanded and replaced by 7th AACS Wing, constituted and activated 15 May 1944; redesignated 1808th AACS Wing, 1 October 1948; redesignated Pacific AACS Area, 1 November 1957; redesignated Pacific Communications Area, 1 July 1961; redesignated HQ Pacific Communications Division, 1 June 1981.

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The following section contains no classified information.

Property, Maintenance and Cost Compilation activity established 14 July 1921; re-designated Field Services Section, 26 January 1924, Materiel Division, 15 Oct 1926, Air Service Command, 17 October 1941, Materiel Center, 16 March 1942. AAF Materiel Command absorbed Materiel Center, 1 April 1943. Air Service Command and AAF Materiel Command combined to form AAF Air Technical Service Command. 31 August 1944; redesignated Air Technical Service Command, 1 July 1945, Air Materiel Command, 9 March 1946, Air Force Logistics Command, I April 1961.

Subordinate Units:

Aerospace Guidance and Metrology Center. Health Maintenance Annex established 1 February 1959; redesignated 2802d lnertial Guidance and Calibration Group, 11 June 1962, Aerospace Guidance and Metrology Center, 8 November 1968.

Air Logistics Centers and Materiel Areas:

Ogden Air Logistics Center. Ogden Air Depot established 12 January 1939; redesignated Ogden Air Technical Service Command, 14 November 1944, Ogden Air Materiel Area, 2 July 1946, Ogden Air Logistics Center, 1 April 1974.

Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center. Midwest Air Depot established 21 May 1941; redesignated Oklahoma City Air Depot, 1 March 1942, Oklahoma City Air Depot Control Area Command, 20 January 1943, Oklahoma City Air Service Command, 22 May 1943, Oklahoma City Air Technical Service Command, 14 November 1944, Oklahoma City Air Materiel Area, 2 July 1946, Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center, 1 April 1974.

Sacramento Air Logistics Center. Rockwell Air Depot established 4 November 1912; redesignated Sacramento Air Depot, 1 February 1937, Sacramento Air Depot Control Area Command, 1 Febraury 1943, Sacramento Air Service Command, 17 May 1943, Sacramento Air Technical Service Command, 14 November 1944. Sacramento Air Materiel Area, 2 July 1946, Sacramento Air Logistics Center, 1 April 1974.

San Antonio Air Logistics Center. Aviation Section Signal Corps Depot established July 1914; redesignated Aviation General Supply Depot, October 1917. San Antonio Air Intermediate Depot, March 1921, San Antonio Air Depot. 22 June 1927, San Antonio Air Depot Control Area Command. 1 February 1943, San Antonio Air Service Command, 17 May 1943, San Antonio Air Technical Service Command, 14 November 1944, San Antonio Air Materiel Area, 2 July 1946.

Warner Robins Air Logistics Center. Southeast Air Depot established 9 November 1941; redesignated Wellston Air Depot, 14 March 1942, Warner Robins Army Air Depot, 14 October 1942, Warner Robins Air Depot Control Area Command, 1 February 1943, Warner Robins Air Service Command, 22 May 1943, Warner Robins Air Technical Service Command, 16 November 1944, Warner Robins Air Materiel Area, 2 July 1946, Warner Robins Air Logistics Center, 1 April 1974.

Middletown Air Materiel Area. Aviation General Supply Depot established 15 May 1917; redesignated Middletown Air Intermediate Depot, 14 January 1921. Middletown Air Depot, 22 June 1927, Middletown Air Depot Control Area Command, 1 February 1943, Middletown Air Service Command, 22 May 1943, Middletown Air Technical Service Command, 14 November 1944, Middletown Air Materiel Area, 2 July 1946; inactivated September 1967.

Mobile Air Materiel Area. Southeast Air Depot established 27 July 1939; redesignated Mobile Air Depot, 16 July 1941, Mobile Air Depot Control Area Command, 1 February 1943, Mobile Air Service Command, 22 May 1943, Mobile Air Technical Service Command, 14 November 1944. Mobile Air Materiel Area, 2 July 1946; inactivated July 1969.

Rome Air Materiel Area. Rome Air Depot established 1 February 1942; redesignated Rome Air Depot Control Area Command, 1 February 1943, Rome Air Service Command, 17 May 1943, Mobile Air Technical Service Command, 14 November 1944, Rome Air Materiel Area, 9 March 1946; discontinued 25 June 1947; reestablished 9 November 1958; inactivated June 1967.

San Bernardino Air Materiel Area. San Bernardino Air Depot established 17 November 1941; redesignated San Bernardino Air Depot Control Area Command, 1 February 1943, San Bernardino Air Service Command, 27 May 1943, San Bernardino Air Technical Service Command, 14 November 1944, San Bernardino Air Materiel Area, 2 July 1946; inactivated 1 July 1966.

Air Materiel Force, European Area, Transferred from USAFE, 1 January 1956.

Ground Electronics Engineering Installation Agency. Activated 15 June 1958.

Military Aircraft Storage and Disposition Center. 4105th AAF Base Unit (Aircraft Storage) established 21 October 1946; redesignated 3040th Aircraft Storage Depot, 28 August 1948, 3040th Aircraft Storage Squadron, 5 October 1949, Arizona Aircraft Storage Branch, 1 June 1956. 2704th Air Force Aircraft Storage and Disposition Group. 1 August 1959, Military Aircraft Storage and Disposition Center, I February 1965.

2709th AF Vehicle Control Group. Activated 1 May 1960.

2750th Air Base Wing. 4000th Army Air Forces Base Unit (Command) established April 1944; redesignated 4000th Army Air Forces Base Unit (Air Base), 21 February 1945, 4000th Air Force Base Unit. 1947, HQ and HQ Squadron 2750th Air Force Base. 28 August 1948. HQ and HQ Squadron 2750th Air Base Wing, 5 October 1949, 2750th Air Base Wing, 21 May 1951.

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E1.128 The L-1000 (XJ37-1) Jet Propulsion Engine, Mar 1942-May 1946. Staff. 1946. 13 pp.

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Vol I: Purchasing Phases. 254 pp
Vol 2: Production Phases. 198 pp.

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E1.282 The Case of the Aluminum Foil: A Study in Public Relations. Staff. 1956. 10 pp.

E 1.283 Wright-Patterson AFB. Staff. 1956. 5 pp.

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EL321 Overseas Depot Closures. Staff. 1965. 5 pp.

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The following section contains no classified information.

The Office of Special Investigations was established as a staff position within the Office of the Inspector General, 2 January 1948; Eleventh Air Force Base Unit (IG) redesignated 1005th Inspector General Special Investigations Unit, 28 August 1948, 1005th Inspector General Special Investigations Squadron, 10 May 1951, 1005th Inspector General Special Investigations Group, 20 November 1951, 1005th Special Investigation Group (Inspector General). 1954. Air Force Office of Special Investigations activated as separate operating agency, 31 December 1971; 1005th Special Investigations Group (Inspector General) inactivated 1 April 1972.

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The following section contains no classified information.

Established as the Air Force Test and Evaluation Center, and activated as a separate operating agency, 1 January 1974; redesignated Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center. 4 April 1983.

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The following section contains no classified information.

Headquarters Air Force Reserve (AFRES) constituted, organized, and activated 1 August 1968, replacing Headquarters Continental Air Command, which was inactivated 1 August 1968.

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The following section contains no classified information.

Research and Development Command established 23 January 1950; redesignated Air Research and Development Command, 16 September 1950; Air Force Systems Command, 1 April 1961.

Subordinate Units:

Aeronautical Systems Division. Air Development Force, Provisional, designated 23 March 1951; Headquarters Air Development Force, designated and organized 1 April 1951; redesignated Wright Air Development Center, 8 June 1951; discontinued 15 December 1959. Wright Air Development Division constituted and activated 15 December 1959; discontinued 1 April 1961. Aeronautical Systems Division constituted and activated 1 April 1961.

Aerospace Medical Division. Constituted and activated 1 November 1961.

Air Force Flight Test Center. Established 25 June 1951.

Air Force Geophysics Laboratory. Cambridge Field Station established 20 September 1945; redesignated Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories, 5 July 1949, Air Force Cambridge Research Center, 28 June 1951; discontinued 1 July 1960. Detachment No. 2 Air Force Research Directorate formed 2 May 1960; discontinued 1 August 1960. Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories constituted and activated 1 August I960; redesignated Air Force Geophysics Laboratory, 15 January 1967.

Air Force Missile Development Center. Alamogordo Army Air Field 4145th Air Force Base Unit activated 16 March 1947; redesignated Holloman Air Force Base, 4145th Air Force Base Unit, 11 February 1948; HQ & HQ Sq, 2754th Air Force Base, 28 August 1948; HQ & HQ Sq, 2754th Experimental Wing, 5 October 1949; 6540th Missile Test Wing, 30 June 1951; 6580th Missile Test Wing, I September 1952. HQ 6560th Missile Test Wing redesignated Holloman Air Development Center, 10 October 1952; Air Force Missile Development Center, 1 September 1957; inactivated 1 August 1970.

Air Force Rocket Propulsion Laboratory. Constituted, activated, and organized 25 October 1963.

Air Force Satellite Control Facility. Field Office of Air Force Ballistic Missile Division activated 15 August 1958. Headquarters 6594th Test Wing designated and organized 6 April 1959. Field Office of Air Force Ballistic Missile Division disestablished 1 June 1959. 6594th Test Wing redesignated 6594th Test Wing (Satellite), 15 January I960; Aerospace Test Wing, 1 November 1961; discontinued 1 July 1965. Air Force Satellite Control Facility designated and organized 1 July 1965.

Air Force Special Weapons Center. Special Weapons Command established 1 December 1949; redesignated Air Force Special Weapons Center, 1 April 1952; inactivated I April 1976.

Air Force Weapons Laboratory. Constituted, activated, and organized 1 May 1963.

Armament Division. Established as Army Air Forces School of Applied Tactics (AAAFSAT), 27 October 1942; redesignated AAF Tactical Center, 16 October 1943; AAF Center, 1 June 1945; AAF Proving Ground Command. 8 March 1946; Air Proving Ground Command, 10 July 1946; Air Proving Ground, 20 January 1948; Air Proving Ground Command. 20 December 1951; Air Proving Ground Center. 1 December 1957; Armament Development and Test Center, 15 July 1968; and Armament Division, I October 1979.

Arnold Engineering Development Center. Air Engineering Development Division established as a separate operating agency, I January 1950; redesignated Arnold Engineering Development Center, 2 August 1951.

Ballistic Systems Division. (See Space Division)

Contract Management Division. Constituted and activated 4 January 1965.

Deputy Commander for Aerospace Systems. (See Space Division)

Eastern Space and Missile Center. Advance Headquarters of Joint Long Range Proving Ground established 1 October 1949; redesignated Long Range Proving Division, 16 May 1950; Air Force Missile Test Center, 30 June 1951; Air Force Eastern Test Range, 15 May 1964; East Space and Missile Center, 1 October 1979.

Electronic Systems Division. Headquarters Air Force Command and Control Development Division constituted, activated, and organized 16 November 1959; discontinued 1 April 1961. Electronic Systems Division constituted, activated, and organized 1 April 1961.

Foreign Technology Division. Air Technical Intelligence Center established 21 May 1951; redesignated Aerospace Technical Intelligence Center, 21 September 1959; discontinued 1 July 1961. Foreign Technology Division constituted, activated, and organized 1 July 1961.

Rome Air Development Center. Established 12 June 1951.

Space Division. Western Development Division designated and organized 1 July 1954; redesignated Air Force Ballistic Missile Division, 1 June 1957; discontinued 1 April 1961. Ballistic Systems Division and Space Systems Division established 1 April 1961 (both assigned to Deputy Commander for Aerospace Systems). Space and Missile Systems Organization established 1 July 1967; redesignated Space Division, I October 1979.

Space Systems Division. (See Space Division).

Office of Aerospace Research. Air Force Research Division constituted, activated, and organized 15 January 1960. Relieved of assignment to AFSC, redesignated Office of Aerospace Research, and designated as a separate operating agency, 1 April 1961; inactivated 1 July 1970.

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The following section contains no classified information.

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The following section contains no classified information.

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The following section contains no classified information.

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(C) The following section is confidential in accordance with USAFINTEL. 201-6. The collective grouping of titles and information reveals confidential information. Individual titles are unclassified.


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The following section contains no classified information.

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The following section contains no classified information.

Air Corps Ferrying Command activated 29 May 1941; redesignated Air Transport Command, 20 June 1942; Military Air Transport Service established 1 June 1948; redesignated Military Airlift Command, 1 January 1966.

Subordinate Units:

Aerospace Audiovisual Service. Established as Air Pictorial Service, 1 April 1951; redesignated Air Photographic and Charting Service, 16 April 1952, Aerospace Audio-Visual Service, 1 January 1966.

Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service. Established as Air Rescue Service, 13 March 1946; redesignated Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service, 8 January 1966.

Air Weather Service. Established as Weather Wing, Flight Control Command, 13 April 1943; redesignated Army Air Forces Weather Wing, 6 July 1943, Army Air Forces Weather Service, 1 July 1945, Air Weather Service, 13 March 1946.

Twenty-first Air Force. Established as Eastern Transport Air Force, 1 July 1958; redesignated Twenty-first Air Force, 8 January 1966.

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The following section contains no classified information.

Established 1 July 1957. Subordinate Units:

Fifth Air Force established 20 September 1941. Thirteenth Air Force established 14 December 1942.

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The following section contains no classified information.

Established as Continental Air Forces. 13 December 1944; redesignated Strategic Air Command, 21 March 1946.

Subordinate Units:

Fifteenth Air Force. Activated 1 November 1943; inactivated 15 September 1945; reactivated (under SAC) 31 March 1946.

1st Combat Evaluation Group. Constituted 1st Radar Bomb Scoring Group 9, June 1954; activated 10 August 1954; redesignated 1st Combat Evaluation Group, 1 August 1961.

1st Strategic Aerospace Division. 1st Bomb Division activated 13 September 1943; redesignated 1st Air Division, 1 January 1945; inactivated 31 October 1945; reactivated 7 June 1946; inactivated 1 December 1948; reactivated (under SAC) 1 July 1954; inactivated 20 May 1956. 1st Missile Division activated 15 April 1957 (transferred to SAC, 1 July 1957); redesignated 1st Strategic Aerospace Division, 21 July 1961.

Second Air Force. Established as Northwest Air District, 18 December 1940; redesignated Second Air Force, 1941; inactivated 30 March 1946; reactivated 6 June 1946; inactivated 1 July 1948; reactivated (under SAC) 1 November 1949; inactivated 31 December 1974.

Seventh Air Division. Constituted 7th Fighter Wing, 31 March 1944; activated 21 April 1944; redesignated 7th Air Division, 15 December 1947; inactivated 1 May 1948; organized 1 May 1948; discontinued 3 September 1948; activated 20 March 1951; inactivated 16 June 1952; organized 16 June 1952; discontinued 30 June 1965; activated 1 July 1978.

706th Strategic Missile Wing (ICBM - ATLAS). Constituted 10 February 1958; activated 23 February 1958; discontinued 1 July 1961.

Third Air Division. Constituted 3d Bombardment Division, 30 August 1943; activated 13 September 1943; redesignated 3d Air Division, 1 January 1945; inactivated 21 November 1945; organized 23 August 1948; discontinued 1 May 1951; redesignated 3d Air Division (Operational), 9 October 1953; activated 25 October 1953; inactivated 1 March 1954; redesignated 3d Air Division, 8 June 1954; activated 19 June 1954; inactivated 1 April 1970; activated I January 1975.

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The following section contains no classified information.

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The following section contains no classified information.

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Seventeenth Air Force established 25 April 1953.

Sixteenth Air Force. Headquarters, Joint United States Military Group, Air Administration (Spain) established 1951; redesignated Sixteenth Air Force, 15 July 1956.

Third Air Force. Third Air Division established 16 July 1948; redesignated Third Air Force, 1 May 1951.

The United States Logistics Group. Detachment No. I, 7206 Air Base Squadron established December 1954; redesignated Headquarters Seventeenth Air Force AD VON, December 1954, 7217 Support Group, 15 May 1955, Detachment No. 1, Headquarters Seventeenth Air Force, 1 July 1958, Headquarters 7217 Air Division (Command), 7 August 1959, Detachment No. 1, Headquarters Sixteenth Air Force, 10 September 1970, Headquarters The United States Logistics Group, 15 October 1971.

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