24 February 1958



SUBJECT: Comments on AFCGM Memo for Director of Guided Missiles, OSD dated 21 February 1953 (WD 53-01227)

1. The subject memorandum has been reviewed by this office and while it does not indicate any radical departure from our current planning, it is felt that some implications might be read into it which could cause difficulty at a later date.

2. In paragraph 2 it mentions specifically the Gaither Committee recommendations of 600 ICBM's. Then on page 2, under fiscal year 1964 it indicates that this magic number of 600 ICBM's is achieved. The number, 400, of MINUTEMEN indicated as of close of fiscal year 1964 does not significantly depart from the plans which have been prepared by this office, however, it does seem that what is implied is that having reached the figure recommended by Gaither for the end of 1964 no further increase in deployed force is anticipated. It is admitted that this is not clearly stated but it is the feeling of this office that it should be clearly understood by all that it is not intended.

3. If indeed it is the intent of this paper to imply that no more than 400 MINUTEMEN will be deployed ultimately within the USA, several sections of our Development Plan should be modified extensively since production rates to support these numbers in the field will be but a fraction of those contemplated. Moreover, the very aspect of the MINUTEMAN concept which proved so attractive to General LeMay, its massiveness, will cease to exist. The possibility would then ensue that a considerable percentage of the large numbers of groups who have listened to the MINUTEMAN presentation and accepted it on the basis of this characteristic as well as others, might now be laboring under false pretenses. They might not lend support to a MINUTEMAN system so reduced in numbers to the extent implied in the subject correspondence.

4. With respect to the expenditure rates indicated, they do not materially deviate from those submitted by this office until fiscal year 1962 and this is probably of no great significance.

Assistant for Weapon System "Q"

WDTQ 58-22