Source: Almost History by Roger Bruns

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November 13, 1962
CSC EMPLOYEE LETTER A-103 (Supersedes CSC EL B-115)

SUBJECT: Nationwide Post-Attack Registration of Federal Employees

Each one of us, as citizens and Federal employees, has a responsibility to contribute to the strength of our Nation. Just as we as individuals must work out plans for ourselves and our families in an emergency, so also must our Government maintain plans to make sure it can continue to operate even in the event of an attack on this Country.

Many Commission employees have specific responsibilities and instructions regarding relocation in the event of a national emergency. Those of you who have such a relocation assignment have been formally notified. At the same time, many of you do not have specific assignments in the Commission's emergency staffing plan. However, all Commission employees, with or without specific emergency assignments, should be fully aware of the nationwide post-attack registration system for Federal employees.

In the event of an emergency brought about by an attack on this Country the Civil Service Commission will operate a registration system for Federal employees in affected areas. The procedure for this system is as follows:

If you are prevented from going to your regular place of work because of an enemy attack—or if you are prevented from reporting to any emergency location—keep this instruction in mind—go to the nearest Post Office, ask the Postmaster for a Federal employee registration card, fill it out and return it to him. He will see that it is forwarded to the office of the Civil Service Commission which will maintain the registration file for your area. After the card is received, decision will be made as to where and when you should report back for work. There is another important reason why you should mail in a registration card as soon as you can do so—this card will also enable us to keep you on the roster of active employees, and enable us to forward your pay.

You should obtain and complete the registration card as soon after enemy attack as possible but not until you are relatively sure where you will be staying for a few days.

Expiration Date: Indefinite