SUBJECT: Attack of Hardened Targets In FY 1966 (U)

1. The consideration of the FT 1966 nuclear weapon stockpile has highlighted a need for a re-examination of agreed damage expectancy objectives for the attack of "hard" (VN48P9) and "super hard" (VN51P6) strategic targets. Collateral to this is the need to re-examine the requirement for MK 53 Y1 bombs in the light of the most recent intelligence.

2. A study is needed which would define the hardened strategic target system projected for FY 1966 and develop the damage expectancy objectives. The study should result in a determination by the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the numbers and types of nuclear weapons in the Strategic Category required in FY 1966 for the attack of the strategic target system with adequate Justification to support this weapons stockpile.

3. The Joint Staff should develop the questions which need to be answered by this study and report them to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In this connection, the study should consider nuclear weapons storage sites, hardened missile sites, and other hardened targets which are projected for FY 1966. The Defense Intelligence Agency should be requested to provide the necessary intelligence inputs and projections.

4. The Joint Staff will request the Director, Strategic Target Planning to submit FY 1966 strategic nuclear weapons requirements based on the following guidelines:

a. Make a capabilities laydown using the Program I forces as contained in the Department of Defense Approved Five Year Force Structure for FY 1966, against an aggregated strategic target system projected for FY 1966.

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b. For the attack of hardened targets, by category, establish numerical requirements for weapons, by type, to include operational and logistic factors in accordance with the criteria specified in the National Targeting and Attack Policy and also for a range of effects as follows;

(1) 90% expectancy of severe damage to structures

(2) 80% expectancy of severe damage to structures

(3) 70% expectancy of severe damage to structures

(4) 50% expectancy of severe damage to structures

(5) 90% expectancy of denial of access to the sites for periods of 3 days, 30 days and 90 days

c. The specific question to be answered is: "How many MK 53 Y1 bombs are required in the stockpile in FY 1966, assuming the other weapons projected in the strategic category in JCS 1823/802-1 are available?"

5. It is requested that such a study be submitted by 16 September 1963. This will enable the Joint Chiefs of Staff to consider it together with the total FY 1966 stockpile and the USCINCEUR requirement for tactical weapons to support his forward strategy, permitting submission of the FY 1966 stockpile to the Secretary of Defense by 30 September 1963.

Joint Chiefs of Staff