J. B. Wiesner
H. J. Watters

December 3, 1959


Gene Skolnikoff told me that you wanted some specific information regarding the vulnerability of Atlas missile sites. I have put together the following information contained in the WSEG Zeus study which I suspect is the kind of thing you want.

First of all, the later Atlas installations will be deployed as 9 missiles in 9 separate 100 psi sites. Cost estimates are $144 million per squadron system cost and $21 million per squadron annual operating cost.

Regarding vulnerability, if we assume an attacking missile standard deviation of 1 n.m., which by the way corresponds to a C.E.P. of 1.8 n.m., we obtain the following: for an 8 megaton warhead, the cost of destroying each of 9 100 psi points with at least 90 per cent probability is 36 enemy missiles; for a warhead yield of only 4 megatons this would require 54 enemy missiles.

I hope this is what you want. If not, I am pretty sure we can dig up additional information on short notice.


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