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General Steel Panthers Stuff

Steel Panthers LBM Editing Tips (20 April 2014)

Experience Levels in Steel Panthers and simulating Low Intensity Conflicts (25 April 2016)

The SSI Years

SSI’s Steel Panthers (1995)

The original game that started it all.

Despite severe engine limitations (only 48 units + 1 HQ unit per side) that made scenario designers (and players) go for armor-heavy slugfests, it was pretty fun and was like having a 1/300 miniature wargame on your computer without having to unpack all the miniatures each time you wanted to play. Two campaign disks were sold, adding in total six new campaigns and 75 new scenarios to the game.

(1997 Interview at Gamasutra with Gary Grigsby on SP)

Stock Campaigns
Poland 1939 (6th Panzer Division)
France 1940 (2nd Panzer Division)
Normandy 1944 (US 1st Infantry Division)
Operation Market-Garden 1944 (UK Irish Brigade)
Warsaw 1944 (5th Guards Tank Army)
Battle of the Bulge 1944 (1st SS Panzer Division)
World War III (US vs Soviet Union 1945)
Philippines 1941 (Japanese 48th Infantry Division)
Battle for North Africa (German Afrika Corps vs British 8th Army) (Campaign Disk #1)
Operation Barbarossa (Germany's invasion of Russia) (Campaign Disk #1)
Patton's 3rd Army (Patton battling through France into Germany with possible Berlin Scenario) (Campaign Disk #1)
Panzer Command 1935-1945 (Hans von Luck's Career in 20 linked scenarios) (Campaign Disk #2)
Red Guards (1
st Guards from Kursk to Berlin in 17 linked scenarios) (Campaign Disk #2)
Bushido Warriors (Japanese in Asia in the early war years) (Campaign Disk #2)

Hapshott’s Steel Panthers I Scenario Collection (47.3 MB ZIP)

This is an extremely large ZIP file organized into different folders because due to the way SP1 sees scenarios, it can only see up to a certain number of scenarios. Total number of scenarios is approximately 1,300~.

Hapschott's SP1 Scenario Collection Folder Listing:
        Middle (171~ scenarios)
        Late (153~ scenarios)
        Early (38~ scenarios)
        Desert (124~ scenarios)
    Packs2 (118~ scenarios)
    Packs1 (180~ scenarios)
    Japan (117~ scenarios)
        Finland (13~ scenarios)
        1945 (52~ scenarios)
        1944 (94~ scenarios)
        1943 (100~ scenarios)
        1942 (46~ scenarios)
        1941 (69~ scenarios)
    EarlyEuropeOOB (52~ scenarios)
    Cyber (28~ scenarios)
    6thPanzerOOB (31~ scenarios)

SSI’s Steel Panthers II: Modern Battles (1996)

The second game in the series brought it into modern combat with a significantly improved game engine. Instead of the older 50 unit (49 buyable, 1 HQ) limitation, you now had 150 units (149 buyable, 1 HQ). This made it possible to make complex and detailed scenarios that weren't armor-heavy clashes (unlike SP1). A campaign disk was sold, adding three new campaigns and 30 more scenarios.

Stock Campaigns
Germany 1980
Desert Storm 1991
China-War 1997 (Taiwan vs China)
Okinawa 1998 (US vs Japan)
Golan Heights 1973
Korea 1950
Korea 1998 (Second Korean War) (Campaign Disk)
Battle for the Low Countries (British vs a resurgent Germany in Belgium) (Campaign Disk)
Drive into the Rhineland (French vs a resurgent Germany)
(Campaign Disk)

Hapshott’s Steel Panthers II Scenario/Campaign Collection (27.4 MB ZIP)

This is an extremely large ZIP file organized into different folders because due to the way SP2 sees scenarios, it can only see up to a certain number of scenarios. Total number of scenarios is approximately 700~.

Hapschott's SP2 Scenario Collection Folder Listing:
    Western (188~ scenarios)
    s_am_africa (52~ scenarios)
    middle_east (165~ scenarios)
    libya_camp (16 linked scenarios in the Libyan campaign v1.0 that replaces the 1998 Okinawa Campaign)
    Europe (101~ scenarios)
    Asia (179~ scenarios)

SSI’s Steel Panthers III: Brigade Command 1939-1999 (1997)

The third game in the series (and the last of the 'original' SSI line) was kind of like the odd cousin in the family that nobody likes to talk about.

It spanned sixty years of combat, from World War II to the immediate post-Cold War period, but there was one teeny tiny problem. The minimum basic unit of size was now the platoon (or section of tanks); and the game map scale moved from the familiar 50 meters per hex to 180 meters per hex and the time scale went from “several minutes per turn” to “six to thirty minutes per turn”.

The reception to these dramatic changes was...lukewarm, and as a result, no official campaign disk was produced, unlike with the prior two games.

Stock Campaigns
North Africa 1941-42 (German Player)
Stalingrad 1942 (German Player)
Market Garden 1944 (British Player)
Vietnam 1965-70 (US Player)
NATO 1988 (West German Player)
Holy War 2000 (Israeli Player vs Egypt and Syria, 1999)
The Bear and Dragon (Russian Player vs China, 1999)
Anvil/Dragoon (US Player, Southern France 1944)
Crossing Suez (Israeli Player, 1973)

Hapshott’s Steel Panthers III Scenario/Campaign Collection (24.2 MB ZIP)

This is an extremely large ZIP file organized into different folders because due to the way SP3 sees scenarios, it can only see up to a certain number of scenarios. Total number of scenarios is approximately 400~ plus 25 campaigns.

Hapschott's SP3 Scenario Collection Folder Listing:
    pzb_WW3 (66~ scenarios)
    pzb_WW2_plt3 (144~ scenarios)
    Original (194~ scenarios + unspecified # of campaigns)
    Campaigns (25 different campaigns)

SPIII: Moderna

This was a mod for SP3 that went through two releases (v1.0 and v1.1) before disappearing from the net; and formed the basis for the abortive Matrix' Games SP: Modern Warfare version (see far below).

(link to post announcing SP3: Moderna v1.1 on 6 June 2000 on the Matrix Games Forum by Ilja Varha)

“It's loaded now, and ready to be downloaded. If someone missed the Moderna 1.0 (with no doubt the best modern SP3 modification... I can say this because it's the only one ), let me tell you what this game is all about:

First of all, it's basic SP3 edited and refined.

The biggest improvement is the updated missiles/SAMs which now are a LOT more realistic than before!

The other big point is that all info the KOB makers found was added to the countries so now they have bigger and more modern armies. Russia and USA and China for example has now so much stuff that more does not simply fit in!

1.0 included 3 new countries, Finland, Sweden and South-Africa and 1.1 includes 2 more, Brazil and Argentina.

The pack (1.1) also has aver 1100 new unit pictures and as many new SHPs as I was able to fit in (no room anymore).

New sound effects come with the pack too to improve the feel of fighting (not SPWAW quality because SP3 has worse mixing rate).

With the 1.1 comes new scenarios and campaigns. 2 scenarios are made by Wild Bill Wilder, and only for Moderna. These two scenarios alone are a reason good enough to download the game (all in all about 15-20 megabytes)! Also there are 3 other stand alone scenarios and 3 campaigns! These campaigns have 18 maps linked all together so you should not run out of playing... and battles are now much more interesting with all the enchanchments made.

The Moderna 1.1 is THE FINAL VERSION, so it will not update anymore... The reason is simple: There is something better coming, but that is still classified. But I know you all WILL like the new one (you will if you liked SPWAW)!

So, go and get it at:

I apologize in advance if the site loads slowly. It's not because of pictures (hardly any), but the server is quite slow to connect to. Once you are connected everything is as fast as in here for example. ENJOY!”

Thanks to the help of Mike Amos on the Matrix Games Forum, I was able to recover a copy of SP3: Moderna v1.1 from his CDROM archives. It turned out to be a fully installed version of SP3 with the mod applied.

I used my copy of Steel Panthers III to compare file dates to figure out what had been modified for SP3: Moderna, and rebuilt a distributable file for the mod which didn't include the (still) copyrighted SSI Steel Panthers III stock files.

Ilja Varha's SP3: Moderna v1.1 (16.6 MB ZIP)

The new scenarios built for this mod are:

084: Reuniting Cyprus
088: Blow from the East
160: A HOLY WAR (Wild Bill Wilder)
162: BLOCKADE BUSTERS (Wild Bill Wilder)

The new campaigns built for this mod are:

020: Taking Thousand Lakes 1999 (Russia Player vs Finland, 11 Scenarios)
021: Defending Finland 1999 (Finland Player vs Russia, 5 Scenarios)
022: The Bear and the Wolf 1999 (Russia Player vs Chechnya, 3 Scenarios) the Beginning...One

Around early to mid 1998, the SPCAMO Workshop was born almost by accident.

At the time, Don Goodbrand was PBEMing Steel Panthers 2 with a chap in Italy named Piero Angeli, and they got to talking about how great it would be to play WW2 in the SP2 engine, with its massively increased per side unit cap (200+ vs 48) and the improved artillery routines.

[ED NOTE: PBEM means 'Play By Email', a early form of 'network head to head' in the pre-modern era of computing. Instead of being connected directly, players instead emailed modified save game files to each other to continue their games.]

So they started working on a SP2 to WW2 conversion, because...why not?

Several other people (Nick Papp and Maik Ehrhardt) joined in and they started the arduous task of translating over the SP1 OOB data to the SP2 OOB format and drawing new icons for pretty much everything. After a brief interruption during June and July 1998 brought on by the FIFA 1998 World Cup (a vital necessity, don't you understand?) work resumed. In August 1998, Andrew Gailey – who had created the MOBHack game editor – joined in to help them with the OOB editing tasks.

At the time, they all thought it would last just six months and they'd be done. (TM)

As a teaser to the gaming public, the initial SPCAMO repaints were released (1.18 MB ZIP) which contained the following content:

The following files contain a complete repaint of all the BROWN AFV's , Aircraft, infantry and crews for the following countrys: Libya, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran, PLO, India, China, North Korea, North Vietnam, Russia, East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania and, Afghanistan for SSI's Steel Panthers II: Modern Battles AND Steel Panthers III: Brigade Command:1939-1999........These files are interchangeable with both games.

The following files contain a complete repaint of all the GREEN AFV's , Aircraft, infantry and crews for the following countrys: USA,USMC,United Kingdom, France,Belgium,Netherlands,Norway,Australia,Canada,Denmark,Italy,Spain,Greece, Turkey,Pakistan,Israel,Gulf States,South Korea,South Vietnam,Taiwan & Japan for SSI's Steel Panthers II: Modern Battles AND Steel Panthers III: Brigade Command:1939-1999........These files are interchangeable with both games.

The following files contain a complete repaint of all GREY West German AFV's , Aircraft, infantry and crews for SSI's Steel Panthers II: Modern Battles AND Steel Panthers III: Brigade Command:1939-1999........These files are interchangeable with both games.

These files contain the WWII Vehicle and Aircraft Icons for Steel Panthers III: Brigade Command:1939-1999. They are repainted versions of the original Icons that were released by SSI. They DO NOT contain any of the new OR reworked Icons that are in SP2WW2.

Our original intent was to re-create exactly the various country's camouflage schemes.....this unfortunately is next to impossible......Too many country's draw Icons from the same file so we have had to compromise and tried to at least make the Grey, Green , and Brown AFV's have a "look" that is not entirely inaccurate and allows relatively easy identification during game play. There will NOT be icons offered for the original Steel Panthers......Sorry.....but we hope to have a playable WWII version of SP2 by the end of the year.

At some point, Wild Bill Wilder's Raiders joined in on the project, and they picked up The Gamers Net as a distributor/website hoster.

After nine months of work, the first “official” release – SP2WW2 (Steel Panthers 2 for World War II) – was released to the world on 3 December 1998.

Original SP2WW2 Installer (8.29 MB ZIP)

This was found on a internet archive of CDROM images of discs that were included with an old French magazine called Cyberstrategie.

For those of you who aren't fluent in the use of Virtual Machines to safely install old antique EXE installers from the internet without messing up your modern system, here a ZIP archive of it's contents.

Zipped up Archive of files contained in the SP2WW2 installer (unzip over an installed copy of SP2) (5.56 MB ZIP)

You'll have to manually delete everything in your \SCEN folder though.

Remember to use the hacked/edited SP2 executable included with this (SP2WW2.EXE) to get the icons, etc to show up correctly!

As this is a DOS-era game, the use of DOSBox is mandatory.

(Note use of 1989 as 1939 and 1995 as 1945 to get around hard-coded game executable limitations)

Built-In Game Encyclopedia Showing Panther G

The opening of the “Raiders Ride To Work” Scenario.

There's no campaigns or scenarios at all – just the “Raiders ride to work” demo scenario and a near complete conversion of all the OOB data from SP1 to SP2 format.

Today, this doesn't sound like much, but back in Christmas 1998, it was awesome – you could now play WW2 in Steel Panthers and not be limited to just 48 units per side, and you now could use the SP2/SP3 enhanced artillery routines for more realistic control of artillery.

Rent Asunder Into Two

Sometime in early 1999, the team managed to acquire from SSI the SP2/SP3 source code, following the success of SP2WW2, with the proviso that all future releases based upon the source(s) be available as free downloads.

Unfortunately, during the work on the follow on to SP2WW2, creative differences arose in the team over the direction of future development (and which code base to use) and the development team split into two groups, each using a different codebase:

(How Did the SSI to The Camo Workshop Come to Be? – Shrapnel Forums – Link to SiteLink to PDF Copy)
(Why doesn't SP Camo Workshop and Matrix work together? – Matrix Forums – Link to SiteLink to PDF Copy)

Matrix Games' Steel Panthers World at War

(Follow the history of SPWAW via recovered archival Matrix Games' Press Releases)

Developed from the SP3 codebase, the first release was on 8 May 2000 as a native Windows program using DirectDraw and DirectSound, with screen resolution raised from the DOS-era's 640x480 to 800x600. Additionally, instead of being limited to 14 campaigns and 200 scenarios (SP3 hard limit), the new limitation was 32 campaigns and 1,000 scenarios. Over 60 new buildings, stone, wood and multihex, were added to the engine.

A period of rapid development was undertaken from about 2000 to 2002 (versions 1 to 4 were released in 2000 alone, with version 7.1 coming out in March 2002); after which future patches (the 8.x series) concentrated on minor OOB/Sound fixes and minor bug smashing. Known release windows were:

1.00 – 8 May 2000
2.00 – 26 June 2000
2.10 – 28 June 2000
2.20 – 30 June 2000
2.30 – 10 July 2000
3.0 Beta 23 – (between 30 July 2000 [Beta 20] and 4 August 2000 [Beta 24]). Was included on a PC Gamer CD-ROM and “got into the wild”.
(Original Installer – 294 MB ZIP)
4.0 – on 2 September 2000, Matrix Games announced that due to the release of 3.0 beta 23, they were renaming the final 3.0 to 4.0 to avoid confusing people. Version 4.0 was released about 9 September 2000.
4.2 – 2 October 2000
4.3 Beta – 7 October 2000 – so that players could test PBEM/VCR issues.
4.4 – 20 October 2000
4.5 – 21 December 2000
[in between 4.5 and 8.0 – TBD]
8.00 – December 2003
8.01 – January 2004
8.20 – July 2004
8.30 – October 2004
8.40 – June 2005
8.403 – January 2006 – Final official Matrix Version

Currently, SPWAW is dormant, with fans running yearly unofficial OOB Enhancements to fix bugs that are found throughout the years. (LINK to current 2016 Enhancement on the Matrix Games Forum)

Current campaigns in the final v8.403 version of the game:
    Preparing the Way
    Heroes of the Motherland
    From Utah to the Rhine
    A Long, Long Road to Victory
    Watchword Freedom
    Tulagi – The First Offensive
    Guadalcanal 1942
    Normandy Gold
    Stalingrad Campaign
    The Victors – USA vs USSR (two slots)
    Rommel to the Rescue (Easy and Hard versions)
    Raiders of the Sahara
    Balkan Crisis
    The Hated Hurtgen (Wild Bill Wilder)
    Operation Weserubung
    The Chosin Few
    Italians at War
    Flesh and Steel
    Yangtze River Patrol
    Dien Bien Phu
    A Moment of Hope

Falcon’s SPWAW Vanilla Campaign Compilation (41.2 MB ZIP) (Forum Link)

This is for the people who haven't made it to the Depot to see my vanilla campaign super-zip.

Here is a link to a zip file that contains all of the files from my SPWAW campaign folder

To install, first delete everything in your campaign folder. Then, unzip this file (it is 40 meg) into your campaign folder. That's it! You are done!

Included are 59 vanilla campaigns (do not use any mod when playing these). All of the files are renumbered so they display neatly in the first 59 campaign slots and all are fully patched to the latest version. As far as I know these are all of the vanilla campaigns that exist. Seriously, if you know of any others let me know (no "rumors" please, only post about it if you have a link).

I know there are a few campaigns out there that are only available for the enhanced mod. If anyone who knows how to do conversions want to convert them to 8.x then I will add them to this collection.

For many of them I have edited the initial purchase points so you can afford to buy the recommended core force. No other changes made by me.

Contains (Bold Red indicated STOCK campaigns from an unknown version of the game)
    Preparing the Way
    Heroes of the Motherland
    From Utah to the Rhine
    A Long, Long Road to Victory
    Watchword Freedom
    Tulagi – The First Offensive
    Guadalcanal 1942
    Normandy Gold

    Stalingrad Campaign
    The Victors – USA vs USSR (two slots)
    Rommel to the Rescue (Easy and Hard versions)
    Raiders of the Sahara
    Balkan Crisis

    The Hated Hurtgen
    Operation Weserubung
    The Chosin Few
    Italians at War
    Flesh and Steel

    Guadalcanal 1942 (Duplicate?)

    Dien Bien Phu

    3rd Reich
    Operation 25: Yugoslavia
    Crisis at Fraiture
    Kursk Mini-Campaign
    The Battle for Moscow
    Black Brigade
    Prelude to a World War
    Russian Steel v1.6
    Rising Sun
    Finland-USSR 1939
    Suursaari Island v1.2
    The Black Knight Campaign
    Sea Lion
    Sea Lion Chapter Two
    Das Reich
    A Deadly Diversion
    Yangtze River Patrol
    Fight along the Merdet River
    Slaughter at Chenuex
    Here comes the Hoss! – 1945
    1938 – The Czechs Say “No”
    Prague, the first step
    A Hospital on the Front Line
    Death in the Factory
    Operation Downfall
    Hill 112 – DCLI
    The Commandos
    72 Bridge at Remagen
    The Battered Bastards

    A Moment of Hope

    American Crusaders
    Normandy Nightmare
    Drive to Tunisia
    Kowel Counterattack
    39 Pz.Abt. 013 Moshing

Falcon’s SPWAW Vanilla Scenario Compilation v2.1 (47.1 MB ZIP) (Forum Link)

This is for everyone who has not made it over to the Depot to see the scenario super-zip file that I created.

Finally here it is! This is a link to download a ZIP file (46 meg) that contains all the vanilla scenarios that I have.

Installation is simple - delete everything in your scenario folder, including any SPECxx.TXT files if they are there. If you have any non-vanilla scenarios loaded, save those elsewhere. Then, unzip this file into your scenario folder. That's it! You are done.

I added every scenario I could find, 971 so far! I renumbered them to display neatly, trying to keep scenarios together that are part of a series. I edited the CMT files so that the in-game scenario list will show the actual scenario names from the TXT file. I did not edit any TXT files.

A project this size is bound to have errors. Let me know if you find any and I will fix them up as quickly as possible.

1. Duplicate scenarios - I did my best not to include any duplicates in the collection, but this was very difficult. Several factors made it hard to spot duplicates. There were MANY mis-spellings in the CMT and TXT files. Many scenarios have a different name in the CMT, TXT, and ZIP files. Very often the same scenario was available in different places with different names. If you spot any duplicates in the collection, let me know.

2. Non-vanilla scenarios - My intention is to include only scenarios that do not use any modified OOB or SHP files. This way you can be sure that any scenario that you load will work with the plain vanilla version of the game. But, some people are not very clear about labeling their scenarios for the proper version. If you see a scenario that requires a mod, let me know.

3. Broken scenarios - I loaded many of the scenarios, especially the older ones, to make sure they started up correctly and looked OK initially. But obviously I couldn't completely check every one. If you find a scenario that doesn't work properly, let me know.

4. Missing scenarios - Due to the sheer number of scenarios out there, I will never find them all. If you know of a vanilla scenario that is not in the collection, let me know. No "rumors" please. Just let me know if you can send it to me or show me where to get it. Also, there are a few scenarios out there that are only available to play with mods, such as the enhanced mod. If anyone who knows how, wants to convert them to 8.x, then I will include them.

Also, feel free to nitpick, such as telling me about spelling errors in the CMT files, screw ups in the scenario numbering, or scenario slots left empty.

Riitaoja2's SPWAW 1960-1979 Mod (Version January 2017) (3.29~ MB ZIP) (Forum Link)
(Update to bring it to Final Version as of 31 JAN 2017) (691~ kb ZIP)


(Main Menu Screenshot)
(Purchase Menu Screenshot)
(European Battle Screenshot)
(Vietnam Battle Screenshot)

I am putting in the finishing touches to a mod for SPWAW that converts the units to use the graphics and OOB data from Steel Panthers 2/3. This will cover the time time period from 1960 - 1979. Currently the mod has 19 nations to play with.

I have modified the original SP2 OOB files to work with SPWAW and also made sure the AI knows what to buy. So it is possible to play random battles and randomly generated campaigns against the computer.

No scenarios or campaigns are included but of course those can be created with the editor.

All pick-lists are documented in the "SPWAW6079 AI Pick lists" folder that comes with the mod.

The following year convention is used in this mod:

1930 = 1960
1949 = 1979

Due to SPWAW being based on SP3 code which handled both WW2 and Modern Battles, the unit/weapons classes for most modern stuff is already in the game, making ATGMs and such possible.

(ATGM Screenshot)

Graphically, the mod comes with the original blue/green/brown unit icon graphics from the SP2/ SP3 days.

However this mod is also compatible with the old SPCAMO repainted icons that were released for SP2 and SP3 games.

(Screenshot of Mod with SPCAMO Repainted Icons)
(LINK to SPCAMO Repaint Files)

If you use the SPCAMO icons with the mod you may see an issue with some of the US (green) landing barge graphics. You may avoid this issue by not replacing the following icons with the SPCAMO ones:



The installation of the mod is completely manual. You will need to make backups of your original files first as the mod files will override them permanently.

Make backup copies of the "PIC", "SHP" and "SND" -folders and also backup your original OOB files. You may also make a copy of the whole SPWAW folder and use it for the mod instead.

When you have made sure to backup your files just extract the mod files into your SPWAW directory overwriting all the original files.

Forum Post for the FINAL Update:

Final update! (the mod should be complete now). All 27 nations (and 28 OOB files) have been converted to the 1960-1979 time period. This update adds the final 8 nations into the mod.

Some minor fixes here and there in the OOB files. Also added Cargo aircraft to some OOB's (SP2 did not have this unit type at all). The Cargo aircraft graphics are in the icon0215 & icon0315.shp files. The aircraft are C-47, C-123 and Noratlas.

Matrix Games' Steel Panthers Modern Warfare

A long time ago, there was a mod for Steel Panthers III called SP:Moderna, and around September 2000, Matrix Games started to work with the people who did it to make a modern (1950-2000) version of SP:WAW and launched a section of their website about it.

Unfortunately, around maybe 2001-ish; the project quietly died.

(Promo for SP:MW in the SPWAW 3.0 beta 23 installer file – 60 kb PNG)
(Link to Archival Matrix Games Press Releases)
(Link to USENET post by Paul Vebber)

Matrix Games' Steel Panthers: The Nam

Around 2000, there was some chatter on the Matrix' Games forums from Wild Bill Wilder which mentioned this project by name. Little else is known about it.

SPCAMO’s Steel Panthers: World War II

Version History:

At this point, development of the DOS codebase terminated, so that work could be concentrated on a game engine that would work natively in Microsoft Windows, rather than requiring MS-DOS.

Russo-German War Mod for Steel Panthers: WW2 version 2.2
by Dr. Klaus Mueller-Buschbaum (Germany) and Oleg Bazhenov (Russia)

WHAT YOU GET: Four data files for Germany and the Soviet Union containing about 750 different units for the two nations, more than 400 new LBM side-views for these units as well as more than 200 new and additional SHP icons for representation on the battlefield!

This bunch of material covers the period from 1/1930 to 12/1949. This means you can play also hypothetical battles of the early 30s to the late 40s with the war not ended historically. This includes a lot of 'what if' of course, but we know that a lot of wargamers like to try a bit beyond history. Therefore our add on includes a lot of stuff, which never saw any combat (like the late Soviet IS tanks) or even didn't reach beyond prototype stage (like the German E-series). It includes units of the German Reichswehr and early Red Army from the end of the Russian war, dozens of additional aircraft and their versions covering such mostly unknown projects like the Soviet Autogiro helicopter/plane hybrid, German Drache helicopter or Fw-190 jet. For those preferring authentically used material only, we offer a lot of missing low production models of AFV like German early PzKw-IIIA, PzKw-IID, different early Tiger I & II versions or Soviet KV-8s flame tanks, early BT-models, SMK and T-100 super heavy tanks not to forget all the work we spent on most realistic data.

For detailed lists see the unit list files included in this package.

Furthermore we drastically changed infantry and the use of support weapons. Cause the US were the only to equip their men with one LMG per squad, we decided to include somewhat historical amounts for Germany and the Soviet Union reflecting e.g. the 1941 losses of the Soviets and their recovery from this in the following. As a result we designed a modified formation system and included a new infantry type not to mix Waffen SS or Soviet Guard with normal infantry.

With the Soviet data prepared by a Russian and the German one by a German you can expect to get a balanced set of units showing the result of a lot of discussion!

NOTE: Due to this being in the v2.2 OOB format; the mod designers split up the OOBs into two different sets; you have to run a BATCH file to select the era that you want:


(Original Files – 3.91 MB ZIP)
(Installed onto SPWW2 v2.2 for ease of use – 30.8 MB ZIP)

SPCAMO’s Steel Panthers: Main Battle Tank

SPMBT was supposed to be a simple extension to SPWW2 that would only take 3 or 6 months work.” (TM)

The original SPMBT Website circa 2002 was at ( and as of June 1, 2002 had this message:

Steel Panthers - Main Battle Tank (SPMBT)
(Due Late Spring 2002)

[Updated 30/03/2002]

SPMBT will return to the original theme of SSI's Steel Panthers II - Modern Battles.

Date range covered by the game is 1946 to 2020.

SPMBT is a re-coding of the SPWW2 Version 5.0 code to address modern combat.

New code features that should be in the released product include multiple charge and top attack ATGM, Kontakt advanced ERA, Drozd/Arena active ATGM defences and Visual and Infra-Red Screening Smoke (VIRSS) anti-ATGM countermeasures.

There are about 90 countries in SPMBT. The current list is : Egypt, Poland, Syria, Israel, Japan, France, Great Britain, PLO, Jordan, Iran, Russia, USA, USMC, China, Australia, Gulf States, Iraq, India, N Korea, S Korea, Taiwan, Mujahadeen, NVA, ARVN, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Canada, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Denmark, E Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Libya, Yugoslavia, Green, Red, W Germany, Argentina, Austria, Cyprus, Brazil, Cuba, Pathet Lao, Slovakia, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, Albania, Angola, Bosnia-Herzogovina, Cambodia, Chile, Croatia, East Timor, Myramar, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Finland, Sweden, Laos, Lebanon, Macedonia, Chechnya, Indonesia, Viet Cong, Portugal, Slovenia, Zimbabwe, South Yemen, North Yemen, Eritrea, Ukraine, UN, Mozambique, Ecuador, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Peru, Rhodesia, Bulgaria, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda. Note that national flags will change as time goes by - Afghanistan has about 14 flag changes in the game time frame!. (Some minor adjustments and/or additions may be made to this list).

The usual modern stuff removed from WW2 is back - cluster artillery, SAMS, artillery minelets, SEAD planes, ERA armour etc.

The World War 2 Long Campaign has gone, but we may be able to replace this with post WW2 historical Long Campaigns, however these may not make version 1. The normal campaign Generator is in of course, and some battle locations are scripted for this use, for example the USSR vs. Afghanistan follows a set of locations taken from the progress of that conflict. NATO Central Front nations versus the Warsaw Pact will fight in appropriate areas - e.g. Gelnhausen or Steinau for USA vs Warpact, Koenigslutter or Hameln for BAOR vs WP. Therefore, NATO vs WP campaigns using the generator are fine - just pick 3 valid opponents for your area to play a Big Mistake III 'what if' campaign at any start date you like.

The User campaign Editor is available of course - we may be able to bring you a couple of user Campaigns by release date, but no promises.

Currently (End March 2002) the OOB data is being finalised - once this is done, scenario and User Campaign Work can be started in earnest. We are working to try to get the first release of the game out to you by about the end of April or May, but this is only a target - as SP Camo is focussed on quality rather than throwing buggy trash out the door to meet some artificial deadline date, we will only be releasing it when we feel it is good enough to be played. Version 1 will be an initial release - version 2 will have an OOB work-over with input from the player community - we will be setting up a new Yahoo EGroup specifically for MBT discussion.

Sometime in 2003, the “official” SPCAMO website changed to (, away from The Wargamer.

Many of these downloaded install files were “rescued” from oblivion through the Internet Archive, and game demo CD-ROM archives from now extinct magazines such as Cyberstrategie and PC4WAR.

Version History:

At this point, development of the DOS codebase terminated, so that work could be concentrated on a game engine that would work natively in Microsoft Windows, rather than requiring MS-DOS.

Warhammer 40K Imperial Guard Mod (for SPMBT) (528~ kb ZIP)

This was done by Donovan Borman many years ago (circa 2007). It adds a functional 40k Imperial Guard (with many Icons) to OBAT080 (United Nations).

Warhammer 40K Mod (Version 3.0 for SPMBT V3.01) (85 kb ZIP)

NOTE: This was designed for SPMBT Version 3.01 (DOS), but works (somewhat) in the latest WinMBT.

The following countries have been changed to the following armies.

Egypt to Eldar
Poland to Tyranids
Israel to Necrons
Syria to Dark Eldar
Japan to Orks
France to Tau
UK to Imperial Space Marines
PLO to Chaos Space Marines
Belgium to Imperial Guard

To Play: Just select the Nations flags as normal and buy as normal.

Under the Preferences button you should set the following depending on who you're playing.

Rally/Rout preference:

Tyranid (Poland): 250%
Imperial Marines (GB): 200%
Chaos marines (PLO): 170%


1. These are not complete army lists, So don't expect everything, like Titans, etc. The Necron, Dark Eldar and Tyranid OOBs are extremely sparse.

2. I've had to use motorcycle and bicycle infantry to deal with some units, this produces oddities in movement, But these don't seem too overwhelming.

3. Being unable to hack into the game code I've had to use the basic infantry Icon for many different unit's even those that wouldn't use them, for example all Tyranid small creatures use the same Infantry Icons.

4.IMPORTANT: Weapon's in this game have turned up a lot more deadly than you may be used to in SPMBT, with lots of big explosions. This is entirely accidental as I worked out a basic set of weapons then worked up using the game stat's. If you compare the stats to the game they mostly are accurate, however in game it seems not to work as smoothly.

Changes to this Mod over previous versions

1. 2 new Races
2. New units for most existing races
3. Smoothed EW values on Aircraft and AA units, to correct mistakes (for example the Space marine whirlwind had a EW value of 0 and the Ork flakwagon had EW 50...)
4. Reworked several weapon fits (mostly aircraft).

Das Reich Mod (Official Discussion Thread)

(Version 1.0P for WinSPMBT v9.1) (120~ MB ZIP)

(Version 1.1P for WinSPMBT v10~) (122~ MB ZIP)

(Version 1.1.6P for WinSPBMT v10~) (106.2~ MB ZIP) (February 2017 Update)

“The core of the Das Reich mod for WinSP:MBT replaces the Danish (35) and German (44) OOBs with two German OOBs. These OOBs represent a German order of battle from 1946-2020 based upon the premise that Germany was not defeated in WWII. As such the mod contains a large number of hypothetical weapon-systems and loadouts, which I have endeavoured to render to the best of my abilities as realistically/practically as possible.

OOB 35 represents the conventional forces of the German Heer. As such it contains regular Heer infantry (on foot and motorised), Panzergrenadiers (mechanised), Gebirgsjäger (on foot and motorised) and Waffen-SS/Gardekorps formations. Engineers are also available (foot, mechanised, SS/Gardekorps and Gebirgsjäger). The armoured forces range from medium to very heavy tanks. Air support is provided by two types of fighter-bombers and heavy area bombers also. Artillery support (conventional and mechanised) is provided exclusively by cannon (from 7,5cm - 24cm). Assault helicopters are included. Naval support is available (12,7cm - 38cm). Naval transports and fixed emplacements are likewise available.*

OOB 44 is the equivalent of a QRF in modern terms. It contains a colonial analogue of the regular Heer known as Schutztruppen (on foot, motrised and mechanised), Fallschirmjäger (foot, motorised, airmobile and airborne), Marines (foot and amphibious) and, last but not least, Brandenburgers (foot, mechanised and airmobile). Engineers are also available (Marines, Paras and Brandenburgers). Armour support ranges from light to medium tanks and TDs. Air support is limited to two types of fighter bomber (from the late fifties exclusively VSTOL projects). In addition to the conventional spread of cannon (7,5cm - 15,5cm) rocket artillery (conventional and mechanised) and SAM units (static and mobile) are also available. Assault helicopters are included. Naval support is available (12,7cm - 40,6cm) as are naval transports.**

In addition to these units a range of gunboats, cavalry and heavy FlaK are available in OOB 42. I recommend using these units as "captured" units in your scenarios to avoid complications.

I have also made light alterations to OOBs 11 (Russia) and 22 (Mujahideen) - see file named "INFO" in "OOBs" folder.”

Cold War 2020 Mod (version 0.80 for WinSPMBT v5.0) (37.2 MB ZIP) (Official Discussion Thread)

For those who don't know the Cold War 2020 mod already, the idea is the following:

The USSR has not gone bust, the East-West standoff has continued uninterrupted from 1990 all the way to 2020.

Nothing too original, but this means three decades of unfettered force consolidation and military development, FMS and shifting alliances.

Now think about it in wargame terms...

There come Comanches, T-95s, Marder-II, Block-III MBT, and a lot more! No force reduction, no oldies kept in service for decades without replacement, no Shinseki doctrine (well, not too much), now you can have fun wreaking havoc in Germany with the best technology that will never be available!

Now including 30 modified OOBs:

-West Germany
-East Germany
-Yugoslavia (new!)
-Bosnia (new!)
-Croatia (new!)
-Greece (new!)
-South Korea
-North Korea
-Cuba (new!)

Also included are:

-315 new IA picklists
-1318 new icons
-2423 new B&W .lbm pictures
-136 presentation-screen color .lbm pictures
-25 new or modified game sounds
-570 encyclopedia text files
-16 stand-alone scenarios
-1 complete campaign

To play, just install a new, clean version of WinSPMBT v5.0 (that's to prevent wrecking your custom files or your PBEM games), and run the mod installer over it. then open the game utilities and install the custom OOB set.

Please refer to the Readme files for more details on installing and playing.

Also, don't forget the official disclaimer:

"This mod contains highly altered or additional files that may or will cause interference with the master game files and it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that this mod be installed and played ONLY in a separate copy of the game and NOT run from the master game"