Equipment Orders Canceled
by the United States during
World War II

(Updated 1 November 2012)


Ryan Crierie: Original concept circa 2010, and editor.
Trent Telenko: Significant amount of research to expand this list in 2011.


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I have decided to use printed sources wherever possible. Online sources acceptable are those which reference printed sources, or are of sufficient pedigree, like Joe Baugher's articles.
Where possible, I've bolded and color coded those cancellations which were a result of V-E or V-J day.
           V-E Day Cancellation
           V-J Day Cancellation

Munitions Cancelled

850,000 tons (150 million bombs) of Incendiaries by the U.S. Chemical Warfare Service for 1946. [27]

Ground Vehicles Canceled

M29C Weasel Tracked Carriers – 10,692 canceled on V-J Day, along with the Ford-Studebaker Factory to be used for production. [23]
LVT(3) Amphibian Tractor. 412 canceled in August 1945. [26]
LVT(4) Amphibian Tractor. 1,838 canceled in August 1945. [26]
LVT(A)(5) Amphibian Tank. 250 canceled in August 1945. [26]
T29 Heavy Tank (105mm HV gun) – Between 1,000 and 1,200 canceled August 1945. Production would have started Jan 1946 at Detroit Tank Arsenal.
Heavy Weight Combat Team (M26 Pershing Hull)
       M26 (T26E3) “Pershing”. (? TBD)
       T26E4 “Super Pershing”. 975 canceled in March 1945. 25 built.
       T26E5 “Jumbo Pershing”. Program canceled. 27 built.
       M45 (T26E2). 185 built total, canceled (?)
       T84 HMC (8-inch Hwtzr). Program canceled at end of war. 2 built.
       T92 HMC (240mm Hwtzr). 120 ordered, 5 completed and being prepared for shipment to the PTO with concrete piercing shells when war ended, causing cancellation of the remaining 115 vehicles. [28]
       T93 GMC (8-inch gun). Program canceled. 2 built and being prepped for shipment to PTO with concrete piercing shells when war ended.
Medium Weight Combat Team (M4 Sherman Hull)
       M40 (T83) GMC (155mm gun) 600 ordered. 289 canceled. 311 built.
       M43 (T89) HMC (8-inch Hwtzr) Standardized in August 1945. Only 48 built.
       T94 MMC (250mm mortar) Program Canceled. 1 built. Pacific Army units wanted two each in regimental cannon companies.
Light Weight Combat Team (M24 Chaffee Hull)
       M19 (T65E1) SPAA (40mm Bofors) 904 ordered August 1944. 619 canceled at war’s end. 285 built.
       M37 (T76) HMC (105mm Hwtzr) 448 ordered. 132 canceled. 316 built.
       M41 (T65E1) HMC (155mm Hwtzr) 250 ordered. 190 canceled. 60 built.
       T6E1 (Recovery Vehicle) Program Canceled. 1 built.
       T38 MMC (4.2” Mortar) Program Canceled. 1 built.
       T77/T77E1 SPAA (4 x .50 cal) Program Canceled. 1 built.
       T96 MMC (155mm Mortar) Program Canceled. 1 built.

Small Arms Canceled

Rifle, Caliber .30 T20E2 – 100,000 canceled around V-J Day. Fully automatic Garand.
57mm Recoilless Rifle M18/T15E9 – 1,359 limited production items canceled, 650 made [24] [25]
75mm Recoilless Rifle M20/T25 – 742 limited production items canceled. 1,258 made. [24][25]
105mm Recoilless Rifle M27/T19 – 540~ canceled. [24][25]
3.5” Rocket Launcher M20/T74 – 5,000 limited production items canceled [24]
4.2” Recoilless Chemical Mortar – 883 limited production items canceled. 117 built.

Missiles / Flying Bombs Canceled

Willys-Overland JB-2 “Loon” – 10,600~ canceled after V-J Day. 1,400~ built. Clone of V-1 Buzz Bomb. [11]
RCA/National Bureau of Standards “Bat” – 7,000~ canceled after V-J Day. 3,000~ built. Guided anti-ship missile. [12]

U.S.A.A.F Fighters Cancelled

Lockheed P-38L-5-VN “Lightning” – 1,887 canceled after V-J Day. Convair built. 113 planes completed by August 1945.
Lockheed P-38L-5-LO “Lightning” – 1,380~ canceled after V-J Day.

Republic P-47N “Thunderbolt” – 5,934 canceled after V-J Day. [9]
North American P-51D “Mustang” – 1,000 canceled after V-J Day.
North American P-51H “Mustang” – 1,445 canceled after V-J Day. 555 completed by V-J Day with last aircraft delivered in 1946. [9]
North American P-51M “Mustang” – 1,628 canceled after V-J Day. Single plane built. [9]
North American P-51L “Mustang” – 1,700 canceled after V-J Day. Never Built. [9]
Bell P-59A “Airacomet” – 100 ordered in 1942. 50 canceled on 30 October 1943 due to poor performance. [9]
Curtiss P-60A – 1,950 ordered on 21 October 1941. Canceled entirely on 2 January 1942 for more P-40K/L and P-47Gs. [9]

Northrop P-61C “Black Widow” – 400 to 551 canceled after V-J Day. 41 completed. Sources differ as to what was on order.
Curtiss P-62A – 100 ordered on 25 May 1942. Canceled on 27 July 1942 due to fears of affecting production of Curtiss-built P-47Gs. [9]
Bell P-63E-1 “Kingcobra” - 2,930 canceled after V-E Day. 13 built. [9]
Republic P-72A – 100 ordered and then canceled at an unspecified time. [9]
Fisher P-75A “Eagle” – 2,500 ordered on 6 July 1943. 2,494 canceled on 27 October 1944. Six built. [9]
Bell P-76A – 4,000 ordered in early 1942. Canceled entirely on 20 May 1942, freeing up Bell-Atlanta for B-29 production. [9]

Lockheed P-80A “Shooting Star” – 2,583 canceled after V-J Day.
Lockheed P-80N “Shooting Star” – 1,000 canceled after V-E Day. Never Built. Would have been built at NAA's Dallas plant. [9]
North American P-82B “Twin Mustang” – 480 canceled after V-J Day. 20 built by August 1945.
Republic P-84A “Thunderjet” – 400 ordered March 1945. Contract reworked on 15 January 1946 into 15 x YP-84As and 85 x P-84Bs. [9]

U.S.A.A.F Medium/Light Bombers Canceled

North American B-25J “Mitchell” – 72 incomplete aircraft on contract were “canceled” after V-J Day – they were in theoretical flyable state, but unfinished, so USAAF refused to accept them.
Douglas A-26 “Invader” – 5,251 aircraft of various models canceled on 13 August and 27 August 1945. [2] Baugher states:
            Douglas A-26D “Invader” - 750 aircraft canceled following V-J Day. Never Built.
            Douglas A-26E “Invader” – 2,150 aircraft canceled following V-J Day. Never Built.

U.S.A.A.F Heavy Bombers Canceled

B-24M Liberator Production Uncertain at this point.
Consolidated B-24N “Liberator” – 5,168 canceled around 31 May 1945.
Boeing B-29 “Superfortress” – Block cancellations for the 44-xx serials came to 1,581 aircraft; while for the 45-xx serials, block cancellations were 1,945. There were a few more cancellations of individual serials. No idea what caused the discrepancy between the 3,526~ canceled serial blocks and the commonly given claim of 5,092 B-29s canceled at V-J Day. Perhaps they mix up the B-29C with B-29? [22] [9]
Boeing B-29-NA “Superfortress” – 200 aircraft ordered to be built at NAA's Kansas City Plant with serials 42-14502 through 42-14701. Cancellation of Boeing Sea-Ranger flying boat freed up Boeing Renton for B-29 production, allowing Kansas City to build B-25s. [9] [22]
B-29B-65-BA “Superfortress” – 1 canceled at unknown date. Serial was 44-84153. [9] [22]
Boeing B-29C-BO “Superfortress” – 5,000 planned to be built. Canceled after V-J Day. Would have been built by Boeing-Seattle. [19] [20] [21]
Boeing B-29D-BN “Superfortress” – 200 ordered July 1945. Canceled after V-J Day. Formed basis for B-50A post war. [19]
Consolidated B-32 “Dominator” – 1,885 canceled in September/October 1945.

U.S.A.A.F Reconnaissance Aircraft Canceled

Northrop F-15A “Reporter” – 139 canceled after V-J Day. 39 completed. Based on XP-61E Black Widow.

U.S.A.A.F / U.S.N. Transport Aircraft Canceled

Lockheed C-69 “Constellation” – 51 canceled after V-J Day. 22 completed. The original 1942 contract was for 180, but this was later reduced to 73 well before V-J Day. [4]
Douglas C-74A “Globemaster I” – 36 canceled after V-J Day. 14 built.
Fairchild C-82N “Packet” – 779 canceled after V-J Day. 3 completed. North American built. [3]
Douglas C-117A “Super DC-3” – 114 canceled after V-J Day. 17 built.
Consolidated RY-3 – 78 canceled after V-J Day. 34 built. Transport conversion of PB4Y-2 Privateer. (63 more for RAF were also canceled.)

U.S. Navy Fighters Canceled

Grumman F8F-1 “Bearcat” – 2,023 ordered on 6 Oct 1944. 1,430 canceled after V-J Day. 770 delivered. [18]
Eastern F3M-1 “Bearcat” – 1,876 ordered on 5 Feb 1945, but canceled with none delivered. [16]
Grumman F6F-5 “Hellcat” – 1,677 canceled after V-J Day. [17] (An unknown source gives it as 630 x F6F-5 and 1,047 x F6F-5N)
Chance-Vought F4U-5. Contract for five XF4U-5s awarded on 21 December 1944, but contract for F4U-5 not awarded till 6 Feb 1946. [14]
Goodyear FG-4 “Corsair” – 2,371 to 2,500 canceled after V-J Day (Sources disagree). 12 completed, but never accepted by USN. All scrapped. Goodyear-built F4U-4. [14] [15]

Goodyear F2G “Super Corsair” – 418 ordered on 22 March 1944, with first aircraft to be delivered to Pax River in March 1945, then 62 from APR-DEC 1945, and the remaining 355 during 1946. On 8 May 1945, this was reduced to seven XF2G-1s, 5 x F2G-1 and 5 x F2G-2. [14]
North American FJ-1 “Fury” – 100 ordered on 28 May 1945. 70 canceled after V-J Day. 30 built. Straight-wing Jet fighter. Progenitor of F-86. [9]
Ryan FR-1 “Fireball” – 100 ordered on 2 Dec 1943; then 600 on 31 Jan 1945. 634 canceled on V-J Day, and 66 completed. [18]

US Navy Attack (Torpedo/Dive) Craft Canceled

Douglas BT2D-1 / AD-1 “Skyraider” – 271 canceled after V-J Day. 277 built.
Martin AM-1 “Mauler” – 601 canceled after V-J Day. 149 built.
Consolidated/Vought TBU/TBY “Sea Wolf” – 811 canceled. 189 built. [13]
TBM-4 “Avenger” – “Over 900” Canceled [18]
SB2C Helldiver Production Uncertain at this point.

USN Patrol Bombers / Seaplanes

Consolidated PB4Y-2 “Privateer” – 631 canceled after V-J Day.
Lockheed PV-2D “Harpoon” – 873 canceled following V-J Day. 35 delivered. [9]
Martin PBM/P5M Mariner – Production Uncertain at this point.
Consolidated PBN/PBY/PBV Catalina Production Uncertain at this point.

Battleship Cancellations

The first wave of battleship cancellations occurred in May-July 1942 with many ships being suspended, and then canceled.

21 July 1943 Cancellations (Suspended earlier in May 1942) (6 BB):

BB-67 Montana (Montana)
BB-67 Montana (Montana)
BB-68 Ohio (Montana)
BB-69 Maine (Montana)
BB-70 New Hampshire (Montana)
BB-71 Louisiana (Montana)

The second wave came with victory over Japan and the post-war era:

11 August 1945 Cancellations (1 BB):

BB-65 Illinois (Iowa) – at 22% complete

20 January 1950 Cancellations (1 BB):

BB-66 Kentucky (Iowa) – Work halted August 1946, but resumed 17 August 1948. 73% complete at cancellation, placed in reserve fleet as hulk.

Aircraft Carrier Cancellations

The first carrier cancellation was in January 1943, due to a lack of slipway availability at Newport News for such a large ship.

11 January 1943 Cancellations (1 CVB)

CVB-44 Unnamed (Midway)

The second wave occurred when when President Roosevelt disapproved most of the 1945 Combatant Shipbuilding Program on 22 March 1945.

27 March 1945 Cancellations (6 CV, 2 CVB)

CV-50 Unnamed (Ticonderoga Long Hull)
CV-51 Unnamed (Ticonderoga Long Hull)
CV-52 Unnamed (Ticonderoga Long Hull)
CV-53 Unnamed (Ticonderoga Long Hull)
CV-54 Unnamed (Ticonderoga Long Hull)
CV-55 Unnamed (Ticonderoga Long Hull)
CVB-56 Unnamed (Midway)
CVB-57 Unnamed (Midway)

The third wave occurred with the surrender of Japan in August 1945.

12 August 1945 Cancellations (2 CV, 16 CVE)

CV-35 Reprisal (Ticonderoga Long Hull) – about 50% complete. Hulk used in explosives tests in 1948 then scrapped.
CV-46 Iwo Jima (Ticonderoga Long Hull)
CVE-124 Bastogne (Commencement Bay)
CVE-125 Eniwetok (Commencement Bay)
CVE-126 Lingayen (Commencement Bay)
CVE-127 Okinawa (Commencement Bay)
CVE-128 Unnamed (Commencement Bay)
CVE-129 Unnamed (Commencement Bay)
CVE-130 Unnamed (Commencement Bay)
CVE-131 Unnamed (Commencement Bay)
CVE-132 Unnamed (Commencement Bay)
CVE-133 Unnamed (Commencement Bay)
CVE-134 Unnamed (Commencement Bay)
CVE-135 Unnamed (Commencement Bay)
CVE-136 Unnamed (Commencement Bay)
CVE-137 Unnamed (Commencement Bay)
CVE-138 Unnamed (Commencement Bay)
CVE-139 Unnamed (Commencement Bay)

Some ships were delivered straight to the reserves, never being commissioned at all:

CVE-121 Rabaul (Commencement Bay) – Launched 14 June 1945, completed to reserve fleet.
CVE-123 Tinian (Commencement Bay) – Launched on 5 September 1945, completed to reserve fleet.

There was one last quasi-cancellation in 1947:

12 August 1947 Suspensions:

CV-34 Oriskany (Ticonderoga Long Hull) – Suspended at 85% complete; restarted as prototype for SCB-27 modernizations, and became Oriskany class.

Cruiser Cancellations

The first wave of cancellations occurred on 16 December 1940, when two Clevelands were canceled to allow Kearny to concentrate on destroyer production.

16 December 1940 Cancellations (2 CL)

CL-84 Buffalo (Cleveland) – Replaced by CL-99 in production program.
CL-88 Newark (Cleveland) – Replaced by CL-100 in production program.

The second wave of cancellations occurred on 24 June 1943, when the remaining Alaskas were canceled.

24 June 1943 Cancellations (3 CB)

CB-4 Philippines (Alaska)
CB-5 Puerto Rico (Alaska)
CB-6 Samoa (Alaska)

The third wave of cancellations occurred on 2 September 1944 and 5 October 1944, due to labor shortages at New York Shipbuilding, with one ship being reinstated shortly afterwards. The rest were not, due to Cramp's existing backlog of orders.

2 September 1944 Cancellations (1 CL)

CL-111 Wilmington (Fargo) – Reordered on 4 September 1944 at Cramp.

5 October 1944 Cancellations (4 CL):

CL-112 Vallejo (Fargo)
CL-113 Helena (Fargo)
CL-114 Roanoke (Fargo)
CL-115 Unnamed (Fargo)

The fourth wave of cancellations occurred when President Roosevelt disapproved most of the 1945 Combatant Shipbuilding Program on 22 March 1945. Among the ships canceled was a 'next-generation' class of light cruisers – the CL-154 class.

Canceled on 26 March 1945 (6 CL):

CL-154 Unnamed (CL-154 Class)
CL-155 Unnamed (CL-154 Class)
CL-156 Unnamed (CL-154 Class)
CL-157 Unnamed (CL-154 Class)
CL-158 Unnamed (CL-154 Class)
CL-159 Unnamed (CL-154 Class)

Canceled on 28 March 1945 (4 CA)

CA-150 Dallas (Des Moines)
CA-151 Unnamed (Des Moines)
CA-152 Unnamed (Des Moines)
CA-153 Unnamed (Des Moines)

The fifth wave of cancellations occurred with the surrender of Japan in sight in August 1945.

12 August 1945 Cancellations (10 CL, 10 CA)

CL-94 Youngstown (Cleveland)
CL-108 Newark (Fargo) – 67.8% Complete. Hulk used postwar in explosion tests.
CL-109 New Haven (Fargo) – Hulk considered for conversion to passenger liner. Scrapped instead.
CL-110 Buffalo (Fargo)
CL-111 Wilmington (Fargo) – Canceled for a second time. (see 2 Sep 1944 cancellations)
CL-116 Tallahassee (Fargo)
CL-117 Cheyenne (Fargo)
CL-118 Chattanooga (Fargo)
CA-125 Northampton (Oregon City) – 56.2% complete. Hulk held in reserve until ordered finished as CLC-1 in 1947.
CA-126 Cambridge (Oregon City)
CA-127 Bridgeport (Oregon City)
CA-128 Kansas City (Oregon City)
CA-129 Tulsa (Oregon City)
CA-137 Norfolk (Oregon City)
CA-138 Scranton (Oregon City)
CA-142 Unnamed (Des Moines)
CA-143 Unnamed (Des Moines)
CL-146 Vallejo (Worcester)
CL-147 Gary (Worcester)
CA-149 Unnamed (Des Moines)

The sixth wave of cancellations occurred in 1946-47 as the final wartime contracts were eliminated.

7 January 1946 Cancellations (1 CA):

CA-141 Unnamed (Des Moines)

6 June 1946 Cancellations (1 CA):

CA-140 Dallas (Des Moines)

24 June 1946 Suspensions (de facto cancellations) (1 CL):

CL-93 Galveston (Cleveland) – Nearly complete when suspended and placed into reserve. Unfinished hulk converted from 1956-1958 into guided missile cruiser.

17 February 1947 Cancellations (1 CB)

CB-3 Hawaii (Alaska) – 82.4% complete. Hulk placed into reserve and proposed for conversion to many roles. Scrapped 1959.

Destroyer Cancellations

The first wave of cancellations occurred in 1940 and was designed to expedite destroyer production via extending the Benson class production run.

16 December 1940 Cancellations (7 DD):

DD-523 Unnamed (Fletcher) Replaced with Benson class destroyer in the 602-617 group.
DD-524 Unnamed (
Fletcher) Replaced with Benson class destroyer in the 602-617 group.
DD-525 Unnamed (
Fletcher) Replaced with Benson class destroyer in the 602-617 group.
DD-542 Unnamed (
Fletcher) Replaced with Benson class destroyer in the 602-617 group.
DD-543 Unnamed (
Fletcher) Replaced with Benson class destroyer in the 602-617 group.
DD-548 Unnamed (
Fletcher) Replaced with Benson class destroyer in the 602-617 group.
DD-549 Unnamed (
Fletcher) Replaced with Benson class destroyer in the 602-617 group.

The second wave of cancellations occurred in 1941 and centered around two classes of 900 ton and 1100 ton experimental destroyer escorts; which were reordered as conventional destroyers the same day.

10 February 1941 Cancellations (4 DD):

DD-503 Stevenson (Stevenson): Reordered as DD-645 Stevenson (Gleaves).
DD-504 Stockton (Stevenson): Reordered as DD-646 Stockton (Gleaves).
DD-505 Thorn (Thorn) Reordered as DD-647 Thorn (Gleaves)
DD-506 Turner (Thorn) Reordered as DD-648 Turner (Gleaves)

The third wave followed in the Spring of 1945 when President Roosevelt disapproved most of the 1945 Combatant Shipbuilding Program on 22 March 1945. Caught up in this was a tranche of ships at Kearny Point which had been canceled earlier that month as part of a shifting of contracts.

8 March 1945 Cancellations at Kearny Point (6 DD):

DD-891 Unnamed (Gearing). Was to be reordered at Bath, but FY45 program was canceled before this could occur.
DD-892 Unnamed (Gearing). Was to be reordered at Bath, but FY45 program was canceled before this could occur.
DD-893 Unnamed (Gearing). Was to be reordered at Bath, but FY45 program was canceled before this could occur.
DD-894 Unnamed (Gearing). Reordered at Consolidated, Orange on 22 March 1945, and then canceled on 27 March 1945.
DD-895 Unnamed (Gearing). Reordered at Consolidated, Orange on 22 March 1945, and then canceled on 27 March 1945.
DD-896 Unnamed (Gearing) Was to be reordered at Charleston Navy Yard, but FY45 program was canceled before this could occur.

27 March 1945 Cancellations (14 DD):

DD-905 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-906 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-907 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-908 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-917 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-918 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-919 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-920 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-921 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-922 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-923 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-924 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-925 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-926 Unnamed (Gearing).

28 March 1945 Cancellations (16 DD):

DD-897 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-898 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-899 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-900 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-901 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-902 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-903 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-904 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-909 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-910 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-911 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-912 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-913 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-914 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-915 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-916 Unnamed (Gearing).

The fourth wave occurred after Japan signaled it would surrender in August 1945.

12 August 1945 Cancellations (11 DD):

DD-809 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-810 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-811 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-812 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-813 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-814 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-815 Charles H. Roan (Gearing).
DD-816 Timmerman (Gearing).
DD-854 Robert A. Owens (Gearing).
DD-855 Unnamed (Gearing).
DD-856 Unnamed (Gearing).

There was also a series of cancellations and quasi-cancellations in which partially complete hulks were launched off the ways and used as reserve mobilization hulks until the 1950s and 1960s. In addition, two experimental hulls from the Fiscal Year 1941 program were canceled, never having been laid down.

11 December 1945 Cancellations (1 DD):

DD-720 Castle (Gearing) – 60.3% complete when canceled. Delivered to Naval Reserve 18 July 1946. Sold for scrap on 29 August 1955.

12 December 1945 Cancellations (1 DD):

DD-721 Woodrow R. Thompson (Gearing) – Construction restarted in 1946 to launch her at 53.3% complete. Sold for Scrap on 29 August 1955.

7 January 1946 Cancellations (3 DD)

DD-452 Percival (Percival): Experimental ultra-high pressure steam powerplant. Machinery was put into DD-828 Timmerman.
DD-482 Watson (
Watson): Experimental diesel-electric powerplant. Little work was done on the machinery and it was abandoned.
DD-767 Seymour D. Owens (Gearing) – Partially complete hulk placed into reserve on 28 February 1947.

13 September 1946 Cancellations (2 DD):

DD-768 Hoel (Gearing) – Scrapped on the Ways.
DD-769 Abner Read (Gearing) – Scrapped on the Ways.

Unknown Cancellation Date:

DD-766 Lansdale (Gearing) – Partially complete hulk placed into reserve on 30 December 1946. Stricken 1958.
DD-791 Seaman (Gearing) – Partially complete hulk placed into reserve on 25 June 1946. Sold for Scrap on 22 September 1961.

Destroyer Escort Cancellations

The first wave of cancellations occurred just as the DE program was reaching full stride (378 launched in 1943). Ironically, these cancellations affected the most capable ships (24-kt, 5 inch), instead of the lesser types.

15 September 1943 Cancellations (205 DE)

DE-801 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-802 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-803 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-804 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-805 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-806 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-807 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-808 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-809 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-810 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-811 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-812 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-813 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-814 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-815 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-816 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-817 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-818 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-819 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-820 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-821 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-822 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-823 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-824 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-825 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-826 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-827 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-828 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-829 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-830 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-831 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-832 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-833 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-834 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-835 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-836 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-837 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-838 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-839 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-840 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-841 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-842 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-843 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-844 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-845 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-846 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-847 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-848 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-849 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-850 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-851 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-852 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-853 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-854 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-855 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-856 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-857 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-858 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-859 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-860 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-861 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-862 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-863 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-864 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-865 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-866 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-867 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-868 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-869 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-870 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-871 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-872 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-873 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-874 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-875 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-876 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-877 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-878 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-879 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-880 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-881 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-882 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-883 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-884 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-885 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-886 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-887 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-888 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-889 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-890 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-891 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-892 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-893 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-894 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-895 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-896 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-897 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-898 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-899 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-900 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-901 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-902 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-903 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-904 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-905 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-906 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-907 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-908 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-909 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-910 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-911 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-912 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-913 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-914 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-915 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-916 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-917 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-918 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-919 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-920 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-921 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-922 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-923 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-924 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-925 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-926 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-927 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-928 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-929 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-930 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-931 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-932 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-933 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-934 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-935 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-936 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-937 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-938 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-939 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-940 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-941 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-942 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-943 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-944 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-945 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-946 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-947 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-948 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-949 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-950 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-951 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-952 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-953 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-954 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-955 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-956 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-957 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-958 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-959 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-960 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-961 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-962 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-963 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-964 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-965 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-966 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-967 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-968 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-969 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-970 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-971 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-972 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-973 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-974 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-975 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-976 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-977 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-978 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-979 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-980 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-981 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-982 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-983 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-984 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-985 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-986 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-987 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-988 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-989 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-990 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-991 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-992 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-993 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-994 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-995 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-996 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-997 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-998 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-999 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-1000 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-1001 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-1002 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-1003 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-1004 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-1005 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)

2 October 1943 Cancellations (100 DE)

DE-114 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-115 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-116 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-117 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-118 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-119 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-120 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-121 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-122 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-123 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-124 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-125 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-126 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-127 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-128 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-478 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-479 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-480 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-481 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-482 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-483 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-484 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-485 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-486 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-487 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-488 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-489 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-490 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-491 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-492 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-493 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-494 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-495 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-496 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-497 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-498 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-499 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-500 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-501 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-502 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-503 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-504 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-505 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-506 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-507 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-647 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-648 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-649 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-650 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-651 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-652 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-653 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-654 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-655 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-656 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-657 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-658 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-659 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-660 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-661 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-662 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-663 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-664 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-725 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-726 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-727 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-728 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-729 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-730 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-731 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-732 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-733 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-734 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-735 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-736 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-737 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-738 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-754 Willard Keith (Cannon DET)
DE-755 Paul G. Baker (Cannon DET)
DE-756 Damon Cummings (Cannon DET)
DE-757 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-758 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-759 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-760 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-761 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-762 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-775 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-776 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-777 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-778 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-779 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-780 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-781 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-782 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-783 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-784 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-785 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-786 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-787 Unnamed (Cannon DET)
DE-788 Unnamed (Cannon DET)

The second wave of cancellations occurred as it was becoming increasingly likely that the continent of Europe would be successfully invaded – most of the tonnage/manpower required for the Invasion of Europe had been moved across the Atlantic, and the U-Boat threat had been greatly diminished from May 1943 onwards.

12 March 1944 Cancellations (60 DE):

DE-286 Sutton (ex William C. Cole) (Rudderow TEV)
DE-287 William M. Wood (Rudderow TEV)
DE-288 William R. Rush (Rudderow TEV)
DE-289 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-290 Williams (Rudderow TEV)
DE-291 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-292 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-293 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-294 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-295 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-296 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-297 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-298 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-299 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-300 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-457 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-458 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-459 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-460 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-461 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-462 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-463 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-464 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-465 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-466 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-467 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-468 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-469 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-470 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-471 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-472 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-473 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-474 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-475 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-476 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-477 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-512 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-513 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-514 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-515 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-617 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-618 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-619 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-620 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-621 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-622 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-623 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-624 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-625 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-626 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-627 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-628 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-629 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-630 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-631 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-632 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-645 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-646 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-723 Walter X. Young (Rudderow TEV)
DE-724 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)

13 March 1944 Cancellations (18 DE):

DE-311 Keppler (Evarts GMT)
DE-312 Lloyd Thomas (Evarts GMT)
DE-313 William C. Lawe (Evarts GMT)
DE-314 Willard Keith (Evarts GMT)
DE-315 Unnamed (Evarts GMT)
DE-425 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-426 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-427 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-428 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-429 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-430 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-431 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-432 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-433 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-434 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-435 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-436 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-437 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)

The third wave occurred as a result of the Normandy landings, and the realization that we had secured a firm lodgement on Europe that could not be dislodged by the Germans.

6 June 1944 Cancellations (16 DE):

DE-373 William C. Lawe (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-374 Lloyd Thomas (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-375 Keppler (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-376 Kleinsmith (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-377 Henry W. Tucker (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-378 Weiss (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-379 Francovich (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-380 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-381 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-451 Woodrow R. Thompson (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-452 Steinaker (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-453 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-454 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-455 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-456 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-511 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)

10 June 1944 Cancellations (30 DE)

DE-284 Vogelgesang (Rudderow TEV)
DE-285 Weeks (Rudderow TEV)
DE-545 Harold J. Ellison (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-546 Myles C. Fox (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-547 Charles R. Ware (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-548 Carpellotti (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-549 Eugene A. Greene (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-550 Gyatt (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-551 Benner (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-552 Kenneth D. Bailey (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-553 Dennis J. Buckley (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-554 Everett F. Larson (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-555 Rogers Blood (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-556 William R. Rush (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-557 William M. Wood (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-558 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-559 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-560 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-561 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-562 Unnamed (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-607 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-608 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-609 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-610 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-611 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-612 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-613 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-614 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-615 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)
DE-616 Unnamed (Rudderow TEV)

1 September 1944 Cancellations (5 DE):

DE-751 Gaynier (Cannon DET)
DE-752 Curtis W. Howard (Cannon DET)
DE-753 John J. Vanburen (Cannon DET)
DE-773 George M. Campbell (Cannon DET)
DE-774 Russell M. Cox (Cannon DET)

5 September 1944 Cancellations (5 DE)

DE-308 Creamer (ex Register) (Evarts GMT)
DE-309 Ely (Evarts GMT)
DE-310 Delbert W. Halsey (Evarts GMT)
DE-543 Groves (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-544 Alfred Wolf (John C. Butler WGT)
A final set of cancellations occurred in 1946.

7 January 1946 Cancellations (2 DE)

DE-541 Sheehan (John C. Butler WGT)
DE-542 Oswald A. Powers (John C. Butler WGT)

Submarine Cancellations

According to Norman Friedman's U.S. Submarines Through 1945; the USN laid down planning assumptions on 1 December 1941 (or 1942) that called for a minimum production rate of 30 submarines a year, which would allow the expansion of the submarine fleet in spite of expected wartime losses, which were expected to be at 1.3 submarines per month; based on British assumptions.

By mid-summer 1944, it was clear that the existing USN Fleet Submarine force was going to be more than adequate for the Pacific War, due to lower losses than planned (32 boats lost to that point, versus a planned loss of 40~ for that time period); and the 'oversupply' of submarines coming on-line.

Taking all of these factors into account, on 30 June 1944, Admiral King ordered BuShips to cut submarine production as fast as possible to just 7 per month (or 84 a year), in order to free up submarine industrial facilities and equipment, such as diesel engines for landing craft production.

This manifested itself in the huge wave of submarine cancellations on 29 July 1944.

29 July 1944 Cancellations (98 SS):

SS-353 Dugong (Balao)
SS-354 Eel (
SS-355 Espada (
SS-356 Jawfish (
SS-357 Ono (
SS-358 Garlopa (
SS-359 Garrupa (
SS-360 Goldring (
SS-379 Needlefish (
SS-380 Nerka (
SS-429 Unicorn (
SS-430 Vendace (
SS-431 Walrus (
SS-432 Whitefish (
SS-433 Whiting (
SS-434 Wolffish (
SS-438 Unnamed
SS-439 Unnamed
SS-440 Unnamed Balao
SS-441 Unnamed
SS-442 Unnamed
SS-443 Unnamed Balao
SS-444 Unnamed
SS-445 Unnamed
SS-446 Unnamed Balao
SS-447 Unnamed
SS-448 Unnamed
SS-449 Unnamed Balao
SS-450 Unnamed
SS-451 Unnamed
SS-452 Unnamed Balao
SS-453 Unnamed
SS-454 Unnamed
SS-455 Unnamed Balao
SS-456 Unnamed
SS-457 Unnamed
SS-458 Unnamed Balao
SS-459 Unnamed
SS-460 Unnamed
SS-461 Unnamed Balao
SS-462 Unnamed
SS-463 Unnamed
SS-464 Chicolar (
SS-465 Unnamed
SS-466 Unnamed Balao
SS-467 Unnamed
SS-468 Unnamed
SS-469 Unnamed Balao
SS-470 Unnamed
SS-471 Unnamed
SS-472 Unnamed Balao
SS-473 Unnamed
SS-474 Unnamed
SS-495 Unnamed
SS-496 Unnamed
SS-497 Unnamed
SS-498 Unnamed
SS-499 Unnamed
SS-500 Unnamed
SS-501 Unnamed
SS-502 Unnamed
SS-503 Unnamed
SS-504 Unnamed
SS-505 Unnamed
SS-506 Unnamed
SS-507 Unnamed
SS-508 Unnamed
SS-509 Unnamed
SS-510 Unnamed
SS-511 Unnamed
SS-512 Unnamed
SS-513 Unnamed
SS-514 Unnamed
SS-515 Unnamed
SS-517 Unnamed
SS-518 Wahoo (
SS-519 Unnamed
SS-520 Unnamed
SS-521 Unnamed
SS-526 Dorado (
SS-527 Comber (
SS-528 Sea Panther (
SS-529 Tiburon (
SS-530 Unnamed
SS-531 Unnamed
SS-532 Unnamed Balao
SS-533 Unnamed
SS-534 Unnamed
SS-535 Unnamed Balao
SS-536 Unnamed
SS-537 Unnamed
SS-538 Unnamed Tench
SS-539 Unnamed Tench
SS-540 Unnamed Tench
SS-541 Unnamed Tench
SS-542 Unnamed Tench
SS-543 Unnamed Tench
SS-544 Unnamed Tench

A much smaller second wave of cancellations followed in the Spring of 1945 when President Roosevelt disapproved most of the 1945 Combatant Shipbuilding Program on 22 March 1945. Among the ships canceled was a 'next-generation' class of submarines which would have embodied wartime experience – the SS-551 class. Their hull numbers were recycled post-war.

26 March 1945 Cancellations (12 SS):

SS-551 Unnamed (SS-551)
SS-552 Unnamed (SS-551)
SS-553 Unnamed (SS-551)
SS-554 Unnamed (SS-551)
SS-555 Unnamed (SS-551)
SS-556 Unnamed (SS-551)
SS-557 Unnamed (SS-551)
SS-558 Unnamed (SS-551)
SS-559 Unnamed (SS-551)
SS-560 Unnamed (SS-551)
SS-561 Unnamed (SS-551)
SS-562 Unnamed (SS-551)

27 March 1945 Cancellations (3 SS):

SS-548 Makaira? (Tench) Name proposed, but never assigned.
SS-549 Narcine? (Tench) Name proposed, but never assigned.
SS-550 Texgon? (Tench) Name proposed, but never assigned.

28 March 1945 Cancellations (3 SS):

SS-545 Banta? (Tench) Name proposed, but never assigned.
SS-546 Charoca? (Tench) Name proposed, but never assigned.
SS-547 Lucifer? (Tench) Name proposed, but never assigned.
Finally, with the end of the Second World War in sight in early August 1945, a final small round of cancellations was pushed forth.
12 August 1945 Cancellations (6 SS):
SS-427 Turbot (Balao) – Incomplete boat kept on as a test hulk into 1980s. Scrapped 1986.
SS-428 Ulua (Balao) – Incomplete boat kept on as test hulk, stricken 12 June 1958.
SS-491 Pompano (Tench)
SS-492 Grayling (Tench)
SS-493 Needlefish (Tench)
SS-494 Sculpin (Tench)
There was one last cancellation however.
7 January 1946 Cancellation:
SS-516 Wahoo (Tench) Name assigned on 29 August 1944 on same day as SS-518 Wahoo cancellation.