LAST UPDATED: 20 January 2004

BOX LABELS: Pink/Orange (as of 17 May 2010?)

(Note by Ryan Crierie: Boxes in Bold Red are ones I have personally checked out – so I can remember what I pulled a couple months from now. I have also added additional notation on the contents of each box where applicable.)

This collection consists of primary and secondary sources. It was set up by the office as a reference source for special subject matter on Naval Aviation. The collection consists of approximately 47 linear feet of records in 348 acid free boxes.

Box 1 Aces

Box 2 Aces

Box 3 Aces

Box 4 Abbreviations and Acronyms (terminology, Aeronautical Dictionary)

Box 5 Aircraft (Accidental Wrecks)

Box 6 Accidents (Aircraft Accident Code/Classification Manual)

Box 7 Aerial Pickup

Box 8 Aerial Refueling and Refueling of Aircraft

Box 9 Aerial Views of ground

Box 10 Aerology

Box 11 Aerospace/Aviation Medicine (Aerospace Medical Institute)

Box 12 AEW

Box 13 Agressor Squadron

Box 14 Air Combat Maneuvering

Box 15 Aircraft Army/Air Force

Box 16 Aircraft Characteristics and Design

Box 17 Aircraft costs

Box 18 Aircraft-Designations/naming

Box 19 Aircraft-Development and Programs

Box 20 Aircraft Drawings

Box 21 Aircraft-Inventory, Procurement and acceptance

Box 22 Aircraft Maintenance

List of copies of Aircraft Erection and Maintenance Manuals held by Federal Records Center.

Box 23 Aircraft Models

Rollin’ Thunder Vietnam Modelers

Box 23A Aircraft Naming (Naming of Aircraft)

Box 24 Aircraft Night Operations

Box 25 Aircraft Ordnance Bombs

Box 26 Aircraft Ordnance-Guided Missiles

Box 27 Aircraft Ordnance-Guns and Ammunition

Large amounts of photographs of World War I era gun arrangements.
Davis Guns
Lewis Guns

Box 28 Aircraft Ordnance-Rockets

Box 29 Aircraft Ordnance-Torpedo

Significant amount of early (Pre 1930s) Aerial Torpedo Photographs

Box 30 Aircraft Pilot Instructions/Operations

Box 30A Aircraft Reconnaissance Equipment

Box 31 Aircraft-Restoration

Box 32 Aircraft Strike Disposition

Box 33 Aircraft Salvage (also see Accidents, Aircraft Wrecks)

Box 34 Aircraft Servicing

Box 35 Aircraft - SLEP (service Life Extension Program)

Box 36 Aircraft - Survivability

Box 37 Aircraft - Visual Id System (Tail Codes)

Box 38 Air Field Naming Program (old,inst,no longer active)

Box 39 AirLant DATA

Box 40 AirPac Data

Box 41 Air Powers

Box 42 Air Stations Photos

Box 43 Air Traffic Control

Box 44 Air Wing Composition 1948-1992 (not inclusive)

Box 45 Air Wing Deployments (Mike Weeks)

Box 46 Air Wing (Air Group) Misc. List of Commanders

Box 47 Alaska Aerial Surveys (1920s/1930s)

Box 48 Ambulance Planes

Box 49 Amphibious Landings

Box 50 Antarctic Operations (also see cold wether ops)

Box 51 Anti-Aircraft Guns

Small amount of photographs of 40mm Bofors Mounts. That's it basically.

Box 52 Art (Aviation)

Box 53 (ASW) Documentation Books and Photos

Box 54 ASW Documentation

Box 55 ASW Monograph (never Published Background data)

Box 56 ASW Monograph (never Published) (Photos) (Source Materials)


Box 58 Atomic Blasts

Box 59 Automobiles

Box 60 Autopilot

Box 61 Aviation Associations

Box 62 Aviation Associations

Box 63 Battle Damage Aircraft

Box 64 Battleships And Aircraft based on Battleships

Box 65 Bell Aircraft Company

Box 66 Berlin Airlift (also see other Sources)

Box 67 Bicentionnial Aircraft Photos

Box 68 Bicentennial Documentations

Box 69 Blood Chits/Barder Kits

Box 70 Boeing Aircraft Company

Box 71 Bombing of the Battleship 1921

Box 72 Briefing Pilots

Box 73 British Naval Aviation

Box 74 Bureau of Aeronautics

Box 75 Calendars

Box 76 Calibration of Equipment

Box 77 Call Signs

Box 78 Carrier Battle Group

Box79 Carriers-Homeport

Box 80 Carrier Interior Views

Box 81 Cartoons-Aviation

Box 82 Catapults and Turntables

Box 83 Chance Vought Aircraft Company

Box 84 Change of Command Ceremony

Box 85 Chronology Photos and Documents

Box 86 Chuting Stars

Box 87 Civilian Aircraft

Box 88 Close Air Support

Box 89 Coast Guard

Box 90 Coast Guard

Box 91 Cockpit

Box 92 Cold Weather ops.

Box 93 Communications

Box 94 Composites (photos with different Types of a/c)

Box 95 Computers

Box 96 Convair Aircraft Company

Box 97 Convoys

Box 98 CrossDecking

Box 99 Davis Mothan (BoneYard)

Box 100 Deployments Carriers/Squadrons

Box 101 Deployments Carrier Air Lant 1952-1995

Box 102 Destroyers-Aircraft onboard

Box 103 Diplomacy

Box 104 Dramatic Photos

Box 105 Drones

Box 106 Drug Interdiction

Box 107 Douglas Aircraft Company

Box 108 Early Aircraft (Bleriot) (misc)

Box 109 Early Aircraft (Curtiss)

Box 110 Early Aircraft (General)

Box 111 Early Aircraft (Samuel P. Langley's)

Box 112 Early Aircraft (Wright)

Box 113 Early Aviation (British)

Box 113A Eastern Aircraft Division

Box 114 Ejection Seats

Box 115 Electronic Systems (also see AEW)

Box 116 Ely, Eugene's Aircraft (includes Birmingham and Pennsylvania Flights)

Box 117 Engines (Photos and Documents)

Curtis D-12 Aero Engine
Liberty Twelve Aircraft Engine Instructions
The Liberty Engine, 1918-1942
Early Study of Aircraft Engines
Whittle Engine
Catalog of Seaplane Engines & Spare Parts for sale, 1920

Box 118 Enlisted Ratings

Large collection of photographs of various enlisted rates doing their jobs, such as plane chief, etc.

Box 119 Enlisted Ratings

Large collection of photographs of various enlisted rates doing their jobs, such as plane chief, etc.

Box 120 Establishment Policy (also see change of command)

Box 121 Exhibits

Box 122 Experimental Aircraft

Box 123 Famous Navy Aircraft (also see Historic Aircraft)

Box 123A Ferret Missions, WW-II

Box 124 Fiftieth Anniversary of Naval Aviation (Back Grounds)

Box 125 Fighter Direction and Tactics

Box 126 Fir Fighting

Box 126A Flags

United States Flag – Federal Specifications
United States Flag – History of US Flag
United States Flag – Blueprints

Box 127 Flares

Box 128 Fleet Air Wings

Box 129 Flight Clothing (also see Helmets)

Box 130 Flight Clothing (Early Period)

Box 131 Flight Deck-Accidents

Box 132 Flight Deck-Handling

Box 133 Flight Deck-Helos

Box 134 Flight Deck Operations

Box 135 Flight Deck- Scenes

Box 136 Flight Deck-Special ops

Box 137 Flight Nurses

Box 138 Flying Boats

Box 139 Flying Midshipman

Box 140 Foreign Aircraft

Box 141 Foreign Military Sales (FMS)

Box 142 French Naval Aviation

Box 143 Fuel

Box 144 Future Aircraft Designs

Box 145 GCA (Ground Controlled Approach)

Box 146 German Aircraft and Ships WW II

Box 147 Good Year Aircraft Corporation

Box 148 Ground Handling Equipment and Operations

Box 149 Group Photos

Box 150 Grumman Aircraft Company

Newspaper clippings
Annual Grumman Reports
Grumman Aircraft Data from 1930 (1993 Grumman Publication listing in fold out tables basic data, weight, armament, "G-" number of all aircraft since 1930)

Box 150A Gulfstream Aircraft Company

Box 151 Gulf War/Korean War Point Paper (includes BackGround info)

Box 152 Hangars

Box 153 Helium

Box 154 Helmets (also see Flight Clothing)

Box 155 Historic Aircraft (also see Famous Navy Aircraft)

Box 155A Homeports

Box 156 Hughes Flying Boat

Basically newspaper and magazine clippings about the Spruce Goose. Plus a letter explaining that BuAer only acted in an advisory role regarding, engines etc for the H-4 design.

Box 157 Human Interest Photos

Box 158 Hurricane Tracking

Box 159 Hydrofoil

Box 160 Indian Air Force

Box 160A Insignia

Book on Insignia & Heraldry Instructions & Examples
Heraldry information
Coat of Arms Information

Box 161 Instruments

Box 162 Intelligence

Box 163 Ireland and U.S Navy Aircraft

Box 164 Japanese Naval Aircraft (WW-II) (includes Baka)

Box 165 JATO

Box 166 Jets

Box 167 Joint Operations

Box 168 Kaman Corporation

Box 169 Korea People Land ops and targets Aircraft and ships ops Mostly Photos

Box 170 Landing Scenes and Patterns-Photos

Box 171 Landing Aids Early Advices

VLA – Visual Landing Aids General Service Bulletin No. 8, Rev. E
VLAs for Flight Operations on CVA and CVS Aircraft Carriers

Box 172 Landing Aids Equipment and Devices

Box 173 Landing Aids Use of Foam

Box 174 Landing Aids Mirror Landing System

Box 175 Landing Aids Seaplane Recovery

Box 176 Landing and Launching Brodie Geat

Box 177 Lasers

Box 178 Launching Without Cataputts

Box 179 Launching Using Cataputts Photos

Box 180 Launching Using JATO

Box 181 Launching Using Sea Sleds

Box 182 Launching Aids Early Devices

Box 183 Launching Aids Equipment and Devices

Box 184 Lockheed Aircraft Corporation

AGM-84 Harpoon Promotional Brochure
Brief History of ASW Aircraft by Lockheed (PV-1, PV-2, P2V, and P-3)

Box 185 Logistics

Box 186 LSO (Landing Signal Officers)


Box 186A LSO (Landing Signal Officers)


Box 187 LTA Photos

Box 188 MAD

Box 189 Maintenance

Box 190 Manufacturing of Aircraft

Box 191 Maps

Box 192 Maps

Box 193 Marine Air Corps History

Box 194 Marine Air Corps History (books)

Box 195 Martin Aircraft Company

Box 196 Master Jet Bases

Box 197 Mc Donnell Aircraft Company

Box 198 Memorials (Navy)

Box 199 Meteorologists

Box 200 Mines/Mine Counter measures

Box 201 Missiles and Missile Rangers

Box 202 Missing Man Formation

Box 203 Models (includes Recognition Models)

Box 204 Mothballed Aircraft

Box 205 NATO

Box 206 Naval Academy

Box 207 Naval Aviation Achievements

Box 208 Naval Aviation Plan

Box 209 Naval Aviator Logbooks and codes

Box 210 Naval Postgraduate School Monterey

Box 211 Navigation and Navigational Aids

Box 212 Night Operations

Box 213 Night Vision and Night Vision Goggles

Box 214 Photo Norden Bombsight

Box 215 North American Aviation, Inc.

Box 215A (Oversized) North American Aviation, Inc.

Oversized photographs of aircraft built by North American

Box 216 Northrop Aircraft Corporation

Box 218 Nuclear Testing and Personnel Review

Box 218A Paint Schemes

Aerial Camouflage schemes
Instruction for Flag Officer Aircraft (includes photos)

Box 219 Parachutes

Proper method of water landings

Box 220 Parachute Team (Shooting Stars)

Box 221 Patrol Wings/Squadrons

Box 223 Pictorial History

Box 224 Pigeons

Box 225 Pilot and Aircrew Photos

Box 226 Pinwheel Operation

Box 227 Photographic Mapping, Reconnaissance and Surveys (Documentation)

Box 228 Photographic Mapping, Reconnaissance and Surveys (photos)

Box 229 Pontoons

Box 229A Pow/Mia

Box 230 Presidential Yachts and Aircraft

Box 232 Propellers (photo) (Data)

Box 233 Racing Planes

Box 234 Radar (also see AEW)

Box 235 Radio

Box 236 Reconnaissance Aircraft

Box 237 Recreation

Box 238 Relief Operations

Box 239 Replacement Air Groups/Wings Readiness Training

Box 240 Replenishment and Refueling ops (ships) Photos

Box 241 Rescue (Aircraft Devices, Swimmers)

Box 241 Research (photos)

Box 242 Reunions

Box 243 empty box

Box 244 Rubber

Box 245 Runways

Box 246 Safety

Box 247 Subject Safety (includes Naval Aviation Safety Center)

Box 248 Subject Satellites

Box 249 Subject Seaplanes

Box 250 Subject Search Rescue Info (Documentations) (Photos)

Box 251 Subject SeaSled

Box 252 Subject Seventy Fifth Anniversary of Naval Aviation

Box 253 Subject Seventy Fifth Anniversary -Slide Collection- History of Naval Aviation

Box 254 Subject Seventy Fifth Anniversary-Slide Collection- History of Naval Aviation

Box 254A Subject SHARP (Shared Reconnaissance Pod)

Box 255 Subject Ships-Aviation

CVE Classes
CVE-1-CVE99 Photos

Box 256 Subject Ships -Aviation

CVE-101-CVE 123 Photos

Box 257 Subject Ships-Aviation

AV Types-CV-6 Enterprise Mostly Photos

Box 258 Subject Ships-Aviation

CV-7 Wasp-CV-10 Yorktown Mostly Photos

Box 259 Subject Ships-Aviation

CV-11 Intrepid-CV-16 Lexington Mostly Photos

Box 260 Subject Ships-Aviation

CV-17 Bunker Hill-CV-33 Kearsarge

Box 261 Subject Ships-Aviation

CV-36 Antietam
CVL-49 Mostly Photos

Box 262 Subject Ships-Aviation

CV-41 Midway Photos

Box 263 Subject Ships-Aviation

CV-42 F.D. Roosevelt Photos

Box 264 Subject Ships-Aviation

CV-43 Coral Sea Photos

Box 265 Subject Ships-Aviation

CV-59 Forrestal
CV-62 Independence Photos

Box 266 Subject Ships-Aviation

CV-63 Kitty Hawk
CV-66 America Photos

Box 267 Subject -Aviation

CV-67 J.F. Kennedy
CVN-71 Roosevelt Photos

Box 268 Subject Ships-Aviation LHA-1 Tarawa-LHA-5 Peleliu Photos

Box 269 Subject Ship-Aviation LHD-1 Wasp Photo

Box 270 Subject Ships-Aviation LPH-1 Block Island- LPH-12 Inchon Photos

Box 271 Subject Ships Foreign (includes Carriers) Photos

Box 272 Subject Ships Hydrofoil and Surface effect ships Photos

Box 273 Subject Ships Inport/at Anchor Photos

Box 274 Subject Ships LAMPS/helo carrying ships Photos

Box 275 Subject Ships Misc. (Merchant , experimental etc.) Photos

Box 276 Ships Mothballed Photos

Box 277 Ships Non-Aviation Ships (Sailing) Photos

Box 278 Ships Submarines Photos

Box 279 Subject Ships Task Force/Task Group Photos

Box 280 Subject Short Snorters Club

Box 281 Subject Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.

Box 282 Subject Ski Jump/ramp

Box 283 Subject Smoke Laying

Box 284 Subject Sonar Equipment

Box 285 Subject Sonobuoy

Box 286 Subject Soviet Union

Box 287 Soviet Union

Box 288 Squadron Designation Data

Box 289 SST (Super Sonic Transport)

Box 290 Statistics Misc.(Covering many periods) Desert Shield Vietnam Korea WW-II Libya Grenada Lebanon

Box 291 Strategic Use of Air Power

Box 292 Submarines Carrying Aircraft (Submarine Aircraft) Photos Documents

Box 293 Survival Aids Air Crew Systems Parachute Manual

Box 294 Subject Survival Aids Aviation Crew System Manual Survival Kits/Items Aircrew Personnel Protective Equipment Inflatable Survival Equipment

Box 295 Subject Survival Aids Flotation Gear

Box 296 Subject Survival Aids Parachutes

Box 297 Subject Survival Aids Misc.Data Photos Books

Box 298 Subject Tactics/Strategy For Aircraft and Carriers

Box 299 Subject Tanker Requirements

Box 300 Subject Targets

Box 301 Subject Testing Aircraft

Box 302 Subject Traditions

Box 303 Subject Training

Box 304 Subject Training Devices/Aids

Box 305 Subject Transports

Box 306 Subject Turrets

Box 307 Subject UFO's

Box 308 Subject Unified Commands

Box 309 Subject Uniforms

Box 310 Subject Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Box 311 Subject Unusual Photos

Box 312 Subject Vera Cruz Photos Documentations

Box 313 Subject Vietnam Ships Helos People Aircraft Misc. Bridges Aerial Mostly Photos Some Documents

Box 314 Subject VIP's /People Photos

Box 315 Subject V/STOL and VTOL

Box 316 Subject V/STOL and VTOL

Box 317 Subject Washington Navy Yard

Box 318 Subject Waves

Box 319 Subject Weather Scenes

Box 320 Subject Weather Scenes

Box 321 Subject Wind Tunnels

Box 322 Subject Winging Ceremonies

Box 323 Subject Wings-Background All Aviation Wings except Naval Aviators

Box 324 Subject Wings-Naval Aviator (Background)

Box 325 Wings (Aircraft)

Box 326 Women in Aviation


Box 327 WW-I Photos Kilduff Collection Joe Kline Collection

Box 328 WW-I Photos Photo Album

Box 329 WW-II Chronology Pearl Harbor Photos Documentations

Box 330 WW-II Early Raids Photos Documentations

Box 331 WW-II Doolittle/Hasley Tokyo Raid Photos Documents

Box 332 WW-II North Africa , Torch Atlantic /Med 1942-1943 Photos Documents

Box 333 WW-II Coral Sea Photos Documents

Box 334 WW-II Alaska/N Pacific Photos Documents

Box 335 WW-II Guadalcanal Photos Documents

Box 336 WW-II Midway Photos Documents

Box 337 WW-II ASW U-505 Capture European ops, patrol Aviation Photos Documents

Box 338 WW-II Advance up the Solomons Photos Documents

Box 339 WW-II Caroline Is. Marianas Is. Marshall / Gilberts Iwo Jima Photos Documents

Box 340 WW-II Philippines Leyte Gulf Okinawa Photos Documents

Box 341 WW-II

Operations Against Japan
Men in Action
Attacks on Shore Targets
Our Battle Damage

Box 342 WW-II Ships/Forces (Attack Scenes)

Interesting Photos
Color Photos
General/Misc. Photos
Record Holders
Japan Surrenders
Marine Battle Scenes
Battle Maps
Mostly Photos
Some Documents

Box 343 Naval Air Training Command - NAS Corpus Christi - Flight Manuals For The Year 1998

Box 344 Naval Air Training Command – NAS Corpus Christi – Flight Manuals For The Years 1998, 1997, And 1993

Box 345 Shipboard Aviation Facilities Resume

Box 346 Electronics/Radar; Close Air Support; Tactics/Strategy/Objectives; Aerial Mining; VADM Gardner; RADM Ramsey

Box 347 Air-To-Air Refueling; Replenishment, Underway

Box 348 Research