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This is a working file in the Naval Aviation History Office. It consists of a variety of documents from primary and secondary sources dealing with various aviation related Boards, Committees, Hearings and Agreements. The time period covers 1913 to present. There are approximately 9 linear feet of records in this collection.

Index for Boards, Committees, Hearings and Agreements


Aeronautical Board 1916 1947
Advance Base Board and Program (1945 1946)
Aircraft Electronic Equipment Agreements, cognizance of
Agreements, Brussels Treaty, 1948
Agreements, Joint (also see classified file)
Agreement, Naval Aid to Greece under public law 75, 1947
Air Characteristics Improvement Board (ACIB)
Air Coordinating Committee 1945
Aircrew Survival Safety Board
Air Policy Commission, Presidents and Aviation Policy Board, Congress 1947 1948
Air Power Per Dollar (Naval), steps to increase 1949
Air Review Board
Aircraft Assignment Board (DCNO Air)
Aircraft Production Board (History of the Aircraft Control Office of the Aircraft Broduction Board, May 1940 Sep 1945)
Aircraft Production Board (History of ARCO)
Aircraft Production Board (The Record of the Operating Committee on Aircraft Materials Conservation, Nov 1942 Sep 1945)
Aircraft Production Board (misc. papers)
Armed Services Investigation, 1956 (Symingtopn Subcommittee) (also see Symington Committee file)
Atomic Energy Commission, 1947


Air Board Apr 1989
Air Board May 1986
Air Board Jun 1985
Air Board Dec 1984
Air Board (misc.)
Air Board, History Background
Air Board, articles
Air Board, Charter


Baker Board, Report on Army Air Corps, 1934
Brewster Board, 1948, National Aviation Policy


Chambers Board, 1913
Civil Aeronautics Administration
Commission on Merchant Marine and Defense
Committee on Naval Affairs, WW II (Congressional Investigations of the Progress of the War Effort)
Committee on Naval Affairs, WW II (Naval Aviation Report)
Committee to Review Aviation Logistics, Planning and Admin. during WW II


Coastal Defense Agreements, History 1917 1925
Coastal Defense Agreements, History 1926 1929
Coastal Defense, Aviation in Coastal Defense 1928 1930
Coastal Defense, Papers relating to the Pratt MacArthur Agreement, 1930 1931


Combs Board, Integrated Aeronautic Program, Periodic Reports 1946
Combs Board, Integrated Aeronautic Program, Periodic Reports Nov 1946 Jun 1947
Combs Board, Integrated Aeronautic Program, Periodic Reports Aug 1947 Apr 1948
Combs Board, Supporting Data, 1946


Disarmament Boards/Committees/Treaties
Dwyer Board, 1945


Eberstadt Committee, 1948, Consolidation Struggle between Naval Aviation and Air Force (also see Unification file)


Federal Aviation Agency Agreements with DOD
Federal Aviation Commission 1934 and 1935
Flately Report


Greenslade Board, 1940 (guidelines on Naval Shore Establishment developments)


Hepburn Board, 1938, the need for more naval Air Bases
Hoover Commission, 1948 (Report by the Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of Government, Vol. IV, index
Hoover Commission, 1948
Hoover Commission, 1948 (Report to Commission on Organization of the Executive Brach) see classified file.
Hoover Commission, 1948 (Commission on Organization of Executive Branch, Vol. II) see classified file
Hoover Commission (Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch, Vol. III) see classified file
Hoover Commission (Study and Comments on the Hoover Commission Report, 1949)
Hoover Commission (Reports on Research and Development in the Government, 1955, Nat. Sec. 1949)
Hoover Commission (1st Report on Commission on Org. of the Executive Branch of Government, 1949)
Hoover Commission, Eberstadt Committee (Army Navy Cooperation in Aeronautics, 1948)
Horne Board, 1939


Inactive Aircraft Inventory Management Board (Strike Board)
International Civil Aviation Organization
Interservice Coordinating and Integrating Group (for TACAIRRECONN and Aerial Battlefield Surveillance, 1962)


Johnson Board, 1925 (Naval Aviation policy and Policy on Naval Aviation Personnel)
Johnson Board, 1925 (Development of Aviation in the Navy)
Joint Aircraft Committee, WW II (also see classified file, Munitions Assignment Board)


JANAIR Accomplishments
JANAIR Bibliographies
JANAIR History (General/Misc.)
JANAIR History 1967 +
JANAIR Personnel
JANAIR Policy 1963-1964
JANAIR Working Group 1963
JANAIR Working Group 1951-1953 (Historical)



Lampert Committee, 1925 (Matters relating to the operations of U.S. Air Services)


Mason Board, 1940 (est. of Naval Aviation Reserve Bases)
McClure Board, 1946 (Review of Aviation Logistics Planning and Admin during WW II)
McManon Board, 1949 (Study of Naval and Marine Corps Pilot Personnel Requirements
Moffett Board, 1929 (Selection of sites for LTA Bases)
Morrow Board, 1925 (developing and applying aircraft in national defense)
Munitions Assignment Board, WW II (see classified file)
Munitions Board, 1940s to early 1950s (misc.)
Munitions Board (1948 1949, Role in National Security 1949 1950, & Programs for Military Production)
Mutual Defense Assistance Program (also see classified file)


National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA)
National Security Resources Board, 1948 1950 (Studies)
Naval Aviation Industrial Council
Naval Air Reserve Advisory/Policy Council
Navy Dept. Boards and Committees (list for WW II)
Navy Dept. Boards, Committees and Commissions (directory and list, 1946)
Navy Dept. Boards and Committees (Directory or list, 1947, 1948, 1951, 1952 and 1983)
North Atlantic Treaty Org.
North Atlantic Treaty Org. (Congressional Reports)


President's Advisory Commission on universal Training, 1947


Pearl Harbor Investigation (misc. data)
Pearl Harbor Investigation (Appendix to Narrative Statements of Evidence)
Pearl Harbor Investigation (Narrative Statement of Evidence, Vol. I)
Pearl Harbor Investigation (Narrative Statement of Evidence, Vol. II)


Radford Board, 1944 (Report on the Integrated Aeronautic Maintenance, Material and Supply Program)
Reorganization of DOD (1980s)
Research and Development Boards, 1940s
Reserve Forces Policy Board (previously called Civilian Components Policy Board)


Sallada Board, 1945 (Report on the Integrated Aeronautic Personnel Program)
Search and Rescue Conference
Secretary of Defense Director for Boards and Committees, 1949, 1950, 1951 and 1953
Service Academy Board, 1950
Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
Symington Committee Hearings, 1956 (Air Power), also see Armed Services Investigation file


Technical Mission Europe, Naval (1945)


Air Force Organization 1949 1957
Armed Forces Policy Council 1955
Armed Forces Reserve Act 1952
Army Organization 1949 1957
Bush Lovett Plans for Reorganization of JCS 1953
DOD Organization 1983
Functions of Armed Forces and JCS 1951 and 1954
Interservice Agreements, Medical Services
Key West Agreement 1948
Military Organization 1950s
National Security Act Implementation
National Security Act 1947
National Security Act Amendments 1949 and Post 1949
Newport Agreement 1948
Organization Military 1947 1949
Proposed Reorganization of Navy 1939
Proposals for Unification 1941 1947
Proposals for Unification 1925 1939
Public Opinion, Press, Radio and magazine Reaction to Merger, 1946
Reorganization 1953
Reorganization Act of 1958
Rockefeller Committee 1953
Separate Air Force 1931 1945 (History)
Separate Air Force 1918 1930 (History)
Separate Air Force Proposals 1919 1935 (background/History)
Standardization for Armed Forces (general)
Statements on Unification before 1947
Statements on Unification after 1947
Statements/articles by General H.H. Arnold
Statements by General Dwight D. Eisenhower 1945 47
Statements/articles by James Forrestal 1944
Statements by RAdm. Moffett 1926
Strategy for Unification (Extracts from Statements before Committee on Armed Services, Oct 1949)
Unified Action Armed Forces 1959
Unified Logistic Support


B-36 Investigation (Hearings by Congress 1949)
B-36 Investigation (Statements by Navy and Marine Corps personnel)
B-36 Investigation (Statements by Blandy through de Florez)
B-36 Investigation (statements by Halsey through Megee)
B-36 Investigation (statement by Ofstie)
B-36 Investigation (statements by Metsger through Sides)
B-36 Investigation (statements by Spruance through Vandegrift, plus summaries and press releases)
B-36 Investigation (useable quotes relating to unification)
B-36 Strategy (Reports by Congress, 1950)
B-36 Investigation (Hearings by Congress, 1949)
B-36 Investigation (The Navy and Marine Corps Presentation before the Armed Services Committee)


War Production Board (Appraisal of the War Production Board, 1950 1951)
War Production Board (Appraisal of the War Production Board, 1949 1950)
War Production Board (misc.)


Yarnell Board, 1943 1944 (Report on Naval Aviation)