"ITEM S-11" Ship Preliminary Design History and Data Files, 1908-66

Creator: Ship Concept Design Division. Naval Ship Engineering Center.

Series: Records Relating to the Design of a Nuclear Powered Seaplane Tender, 1945-1959

Entry P 21 (formerly Entry UD 1021-Y).

FRC Transfer 69A1293.
Declassification Project NND 974382.
ARC ID 1174292.

Boxes 1-2. (Letter Archives Box, Standard)

Location Boxes 1-2: 470/01/10/00.

Date Note: The bulk of these records date from 1956-1958.

Arrangement: Arranged by subject.

Scope & Content: This series consists of correspondence, memorandums, technical notes, photographs, drawings, and other documentation relating to designing a special tender for handling a proposed nuclear-powered seaplane. This aircraft was based in part on the Glenn L. Martin Company's jet-powered P6M SeaMaster.

Box 1:

S1/3/S67/1 Integrated Radar Array [1956-1957]
S82 Small Boats [1945-1959]
S83/VZ - Nuclear Seaplane Pre A [Pre-Atomic?] History [Correspondence, etc., 1956]
[S83/VZ/A9 U.S. Navy Plan for Seaplane Handling, July 1953]
[S83/VZ/A9 Consolidated Vultee Report on Facilities for Flying Boats, 3 August 1953]
[S83/VZ/A9 Hughes Tool Company Mobile Support Study Progress Report Presentation, 15 May 1957]
[S83/VZ/A9 Hughes Tool Company Report - Seaplane Attack Weapon System Mobile Support, 31 August 1957]
S83/VZ/A12 (C) History (General) Conventional [1956-1959]
S83/VZ/A12 (N) History (General) Nuclear [1956]
S83/1 Aircraft and Aircraft Handling (General) [1957-1958]

Box 2:

Exploratory Studies for Nuclear Seaplane Support, Bureau of Ships Preliminary Design Branch, 10 October 1956
Water Based Seaplane Tending, 1955 [1955-1957]
P6M and AV Data [1955-1959]
P6M Task Group Configuration Study [1957]
LCU Conversion for Seaplane Drydock
General Arrangements
[Glenn L. Martin Modified LCU Drydock for P6M-2, Drawings, 1/8 Scale, April 1957]
[Glenn L. Martin Beaching Vehicle Assembly General Arrangement, Drawings, 1/20 Scale, 1954, 1956]
[Glenn L. Martin P6M Flap Hinge Bracket, Drawings, 1956]
[Glenn L. Martin P6M-2 Weapons Support Configuration, Drawings, 1/60 Scale, 1957]