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(Slightly Updated 19 July 2017)

Who Did All This? The majority (95%), were scanned in by me on trips to the Naval Historical Center in the Washington DC Navy Yard, the Historical Section of the US Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio, and at Archives II in College Park, Maryland.

Those that were not scanned by me, but given to me as gifts have that person's name in Parenthesis; such as (Tommy) for Tommy Thomason, and (Yip) for W. Yip.

Discolored Streaks on some Scans: This unfortunately, was caused by me not properly cleaning my new scanner; and me contaminating the calibration plate with Windex. After getting my scanner replaced under warranty, the problem went away.

Archival Resources and Finding Aids

Archival Standards

Military Statistics

USAF (and USAAF) Statistics

Air Force Systems Command: “Development of Airborne Armament: 1910-1961”

Volume I: Bombing Systems (6.4~ MB Binary 2 color PDF)
Volume II: Bomber Defense (8.2~ MB Binary 2 color PDF)
Volume III: Fighter Fire Control (7.3~ MB Binary 2 color PDF)
Volume IV: Advanced Intercept Fire Control (2.7~ MB Binary 2 color PDF)
Acronyms/Index (1.7~ MB Binary 2 color PDF)

Dream Programs

Note: This is for those programs which were clearly dreams or close to fantasies, like the 10,000 Minutemen ICBMs that LeMay and Power wanted, along with quite a few B-70s.
The Navy of the 1970 Era - Office of the Chief of Naval Operations – January 1958 (9.1 MB PDF Link)
Advantages of Nuclear Power and it's Utilization in a Combat Environment by RADM Miller, COMCARDIV THREE – January 1966 (17 MB PDF Link)

Designation Systems

Aircraft Names

Ship Names

Aircraft Designations

Ship Designations


Fighter Aircraft

Attack Aircraft

Bomber Aircraft

Patrol/ASW Aircraft

Cargo Aircraft

Experimental Aircraft (X-Planes)

Missiles and Weapons